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Last Update : 2011/10/03
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How do I configure RICS Enterprise Software for my Star Micronics Printer?

Application note - RICS Enterprise Star Micronics Printers.pdf (271.3Kb)


The PDF in the Attachments section of this FAQ contains instructions on configuring RICS Enterprise POS Software for a Star Micronics printer. The directions cover configuration for the TSP100U, TSP100LAN, TSP100GT, TSP650, TSP700II, and SP700 models.

Over 50 years of know-how and market experience have enabled Star Micronics to provide the perfect printing solutions to the retail industry. Lightning fast speeds, robust reliability ratings, unparalleled features, competitive pricing... Star Micronics provides it all. We have a diverse range of printers to choose from, allowing users to select the model that will suit their needs best. From single location stores to large chains, for those who print a small amount of receipts and others who print a lot, Star has the perfect solution for ANY retail application. And don't forget... every Star printer is backed by an industry-leading three year limited warranty. Don't just settle for another mediocre product. Demand everything from your receipt printer!

Would you like an FAQ entry posted on our website detailing how to install your software with a Star Micronics Printer?

Star Micronics deeply values the relationship with our software partners. Simply send an email to and tell us about your company, products, website, etc. A Star Micronics representative will contact you shortly after to begin the development. There are many benefits to being included on Star Micronics' Certified Software list, including free exposure on our main website, FAQ database, and more!


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