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Last Update : 2012/03/23
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How do I use the TSP100LAN and TSP650 Star Ethernet Printers with Square's Square Up mobile credit card payment system app for the iPad?

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Star is a proud long time supporter of printing from iOS and Mac OS X environments and their developers! The application note in the Downloads section of this FAQ provides instructions on how to configure the TSP100LAN and TSP650 Star POS Printers with Square Inc's Square Up App for the iPad.

This FAQ covers...

Star Printers: TSP100LAN, TSP650

Interface: Ethernet [TCP]

Operating Systems: iOS (iPad)

Visit Square's website to learn about their innovative solution to accepting credit cards anywhere.

Developing a POS Application for an iPad or iPhone? Did you know Star is the industry leader for iOS printing? Be sure to download our full-featured StarIO iOS SDK for free! Star puts the power of printing from tablets and smartphones in your hands - literally! PS: We have you covered for Android printing too if your software will be cross-platform supported. Check it out!



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