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Where can I find VB6 programming examples of how to print Asian characters to a Star Micronics printer?

Printing Asian Characters.pdf (172.5Kb)
Printing Asian (151.6Kb) (1,205.8Kb)


As a global company itself, Star Micronics proudly offers support to print in a vast amount of languages. The ZIP file in the Attachments section of this FAQ contains sample code for printing the word "peace" in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese from a VB6 application.

This sample code suffices for these Star Micronics printer models:

FVP10, HSP7000, TSP650, TSP700II, TSP800II, TSP800Rx, TSP828, TSP1000, SP700, SP500, TUP500, TUP900

Supported Interfaces: Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet



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