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Last Update : 2012/05/21
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[Retired] How do I install my USB TSP650 Printer on Windows XP?



This FAQ has been retired. Please visit our latest FAQ for the answer: How do I install my Star USB Printer on Windows 7/Vista/XP? (FVP10/TSP650/TSP700II/TSP800II/SP700/SP500)

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The PDF in the Attachments section of this FAQ contains instructions on installing the TSP650 with a USB interface.

The TSP650 features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in hospitality environments. The TSP650 has all the new features of the TSP100 series, such as low cost and high performance combined with the ability to work effectively in any environment. Out of the box, the TSP650 can easily be configured in Star Line or ESC/POS® emulation mode and features swappable interface options including USB and Ethernet. New vertical mount stand and splash proof cover options help make it one of the most reliable POS printers in the world.


With its “drop in and print” paper loading, small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter, the TSP650 is a welcomed addition to POS systems. The TSP650 is ideal for retail establishments and restaurants. Demand everything from your receipt printer.



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