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Last Update : 2016/05/16
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Where can I find the StarIO SDK and programming samples for printing to Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) devices? (UPDATED 5/2016!)

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StarIO SDK for iOS: iOS POS Printer and iOS Receipt Printer Solutions in the palm of your hand!

Once again demonstrating its industry-leading position by supporting the latest advances in technology, Star Micronics proudly provides the StarIO iOS SDK for its printers. This powerful software enables developers to easily generate receipts and perform related functions in retail and restaurant environments using Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices.

StarIO iOS POS Printer Functionality Includes:

  • Printer Discovery on Network

  • Read Printer Status

  • Print Sample Receipts

  • Customize/Print 1D and 2D Barcodes

  • Change Cut Command Patterns

  • Open the Cash Drawer

  • Customize/Print Plain Text

  • Customize/Print Japanese Kanji

  • Print TrueType Fonts

  • Print Image Samples

  • MSR

  • Programming Excerpts Displayed Right on the Screen

Supported Connection Interfaces:

  • Star Micronics Thermal POS Printers: Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth

  • Star Micronics Dot Matrix POS Printers: Ethernet, Bluetooth

  • Star Micronics Mobile Printers: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth

  • Star Micronics DK-AirCash: Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN

Want more? Visit the Star Micronics Developers Section!

StarIO is an API (Application Programming Interface) designed to sit between your application and Star Micronics printer, providing a simple solution for directly communicating to and obtaining status from the printer. StarIO allows the software developer to have full control over application development and will result in increased end-user satisfaction manifest in higher-quality applications developed more rapidly. StarIO also provides full interface flexibility, allowing a single application to communicate easily with Star Micronics printers.

Update History:

04/2016: V3.16 Added AllReceipts support. (V3.16 is included in the StarPRNT V5.0 package.)

09/2015: V3.15 Added mPOP support and ProxiPRNT support.

06/2015: V3.14 Added SM-L200 and SM-S230i support and StarPRNT mode support. Supported OS: iOS6.0 or later.

11/2014: V3.13 Added SAC10 Wireless LAN model support.

09/2014: V3.12 Added SP700 support.

04/2014: V3.10 Added iOS7.1 support.

12/2013: V3.9 Added arm64 CPU support.

09/2013: V3.8 Added iOS 7 support.

07/2013: V3.7 Added DK-AirCash support.

05/2013: V3.6 Added Drawer Open Status function.

02/2013: V3.4 Added support for iOS 6.1.

11/2012: V3.2 Added supported model SM-S220i.

10/2012: V3.1 Added support for iPhone 5.

08/2012: V3.0 Added Port Discovery, easy TCP Port Selection, and Sample Receipt printing.

06/2012: V2.3. Added support for Star Mobile Printer Auto Power Down Mode.

05/2012: V2.2. ARC supported. Retina display supported. StarIO Port class name revised to SMPort.

02/2012: V2.1. Added Japanese Kanji printing support and Japanese documentation.

12/2011: V2.0. Redesigned iOS SDK. Added greater functionality and detailed documentation





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