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Last Update : 2016/05/10
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What is a Virtual Serial Port and how do I assign one to my TSP100?

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This document explains how to assign a Virtual Serial Port to the TSP100 using the futurePRNT Configuration Utility included in the box with the printer.

USB was created to increase the ease of installation and use of devices. One of USB’s properties is that a driver must be present in order for the device to communicate with the PC and vice versa; there is no way to output data directly to a USB port. This once posed a problem for software that communicated via only direct to port… but no longer!

Star Micronics has the solution. Users who need to communicate print data via the direct to port approach are able to utilize the convenience of a Star Micronics USB printer by setting up a Virtual Serial Port. The Virtual Serial Port is assigned an available COM port to “listen” on and the software is configured to send all print jobs to that same port. The Star Micronics utility intercepts all the COM data, converts it to USB output, and sends it to the printer.

Printers Supported by This Application Note: TSP100 Series



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