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Last Update : 2011/10/03
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How do I configure Pixel Point for printing to my TSP100?



A step-by-step walkthrough detailing how to print to the TSP100U / TSP100GT from PixelPoint has been created. To access this document, kindly visit PixelPoint's Partner Portal and enter your log in information:

Star Micronics has the recipe for reliable hospitality hardware! Coupling strong reliability, versatility, and innovative useful features, Star Micronics printers are the ultimate kitchen order and guest check printing solutions available today. Along with competitive pricing and highest performance, Star Micronics' wide spectrum of solutions offer different connection interface options including Ethernet, Serial, USB, or Parallel. And forget the hassles of initial set up. Along with other accessories, most Star Micronics printers include a CD in the box with a full suite of drivers
(Windows™ 2000, XP, Vista, and more) to make installation quick and easy. Easy-to-use utilities are available to brand receipts with restaurant logos, coupons, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Don't forget to check out our Kitchen Buzzer, Vertical Stand, and Splash Proof Cover options!

Would you like an FAQ entry posted on our website detailing how to install your software with a Star Micronics Printer?

Star Micronics deeply values the relationship with our software partners. Simply send an email to and tell us about your company, products, website, etc. A Star Micronics representative will contact you shortly after to begin the development. There are many benefits to being included on Star Micronics' Certified Software list, including free exposure on our main website, FAQ database, and more!


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  Star Global

Support Site


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