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Last Update : 2011/10/03
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How do I configure pcAmerica's Cash Register Express (CRE) POS Software for printing to my TSP100?

Application Note - Star Micronics TSP100 with CRE Software v11_6008 and Higher.pdf (218.2Kb)
Application Note - Star Micronics TSP100 with CRE Software Versions Earlier Than v11_6008.pdf (243.5Kb)


The PDFs in the Attachments section of this FAQ contains instructions on configuring pcAmerica's Cash Register Express (CRE) POS Software for printing to the TSP100U.

Customers with CRE version 11.6008 and higher should download the first PDF. Customers with CRE versions earlier than 11.6008 of CRE should download the second PDF.

Did you ever think that purchasing a POS printer would directly affect an increase in sales and returning customers? The TSP100 has completely revolutionized the idea of the “simple” receipt printer with its inclusion of futurePRNT marketing software! Never before has there been a free marketing tool so easy to use allowing users to brand receipts and customize their own promotions. No two restaurants are the same, so why settle for any other printer that won’t let yours show its individuality? Increase your customer return rate and stand apart from your competition using the TSP100 and futurePRNT.

Some of the amazing features:

  •     Professionally brand your receipts with logos, coupons, and a watermark without purchasing expensive pre-printed paper

  •     Give your customers incentive to return by offering them coupons that interest them based on what they purchased using the innovative Text Trigger tool

  •     Reverse the receipt output for vertical orientation

  •     Set up a Virtual Serial Port to support legacy software applications

  •     Replace boring font with exciting TrueType fonts

  •     Easily configure OPOS or JavaPOS

              ...and much more!

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