How Food Robots are Making Waves in the Restaurant Industry

Food robots might sound futuristic, but believe it or not, they’re already showing up in restaurants across the world. Offering both front- and back-of-house services, food robots work in a variety of roles, from cooking and cleaning up to bartending and bussing tables. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular food robots on the market today, and how restaurants can get their very own robot.


    • Flippy: Meet Flippy, a robot that works at Caliburger in Pasadena, California. Flippy is capable of (impressively) frying 80 baskets of food per hour and serving 300 burgers a day. And Flippy can do more than just cook – it can even monitor food and clean up. Flippy helps the burger joint minimize headcount costs, as many short-order cooks were leaving the kitchen due to high temperatures (it’s worth noting that not one Caliburger employee has lost their job due to Flippy; in fact, Flippy requires humans to operate).

    • Vincenzo: Vincenzo is a pizza-making robot at Zume Pizza in Mountain View, California. Capable of creating 370 pizzas an hour, Vincenzo can press dough, dispense and spread sauce, and lift pizzas in and out of the oven, reducing delivery times to 5-20 minutes. Interestingly, there is no storefront for Zume Pizza; all pizzas are delivered via mobile kitchen food trucks.

    • Café X Barista Bot: Café X, a San Francisco coffeeshop, utilizes a one-armed assembly line-style robot that can create two drinks in under a minute. The café’s robot helps ensure complicated orders come out correctly, and apparently the drinks even taste good, too; according to Wired, “This robot barista makes a dang good latte.”


    • Cyberdog Bartender Bot: When you step inside Prague’s Cyberdog, a two-level futuristic wine bar, you’ll soon realize it’s home to a robotic bartender that serves up drinks ordered via a smartphone app. The red robotic arm can pour up to four drinks simultaneously before they are placed on a tray and delivered via a mechanical system housed in the ceiling. Humorously, the robot can put on a show, too; if business is slow and the robot doesn’t have any orders to make, it gets “bored” and performs dances.


    • Penny: Created by Bear Robotics, Penny is a robot created to help complete tedious restaurant tasks. Penny serves food to diners tables in a fun and futuristic way, and can even bus the tables. Bear Robotics CEO Jon Ha said that waitstaff appreciate not having to lift heavy trays, and have experience higher tips because they now have more time and energy to dedicate to customer service.

    • Delivery Robots: In addition to serving customers in restaurants, fleets of delivery robots are hitting the streets to also deliver food (and other items) to consumers’ homes and offices. In 2018, the delivery robot market was worth $11.9 billion, and it’s predicted to be worth a whopping $34 billion by 2024. It makes sense, when you realize that more than 60% of a merchant’s customers live within three miles of one of their stores!

How Do Restaurants Get Their Hands on Food Robots?

Not surprisingly, robots can come with a hefty price tag. However, renting one (versus buying one) makes them surprisingly affordable. According to one robotics company, a robot can be leased, and that lease is reported to offer immediate return. The estimated price range for a lease is $15K-$50K (USD) per year, depending on the complexity of the duties wished to be performed. It still might feel futuristic, but quick-service restaurants where customers order and pay on kiosks, and eat food that is cooked and delivered by robots, is entirely possible.

Even if you’re unsure about employing a robot just yet, Star Micronics can help you automate other restaurant processes with self-service kiosks. Download our Kiosk Printing Solutions brochure to learn more about the durability, versatility, and industry-specific features Star offers.

3 Memorial Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Time is flying and Memorial Day is almost here! Memorial Day is a great time for your business to honor the Armed Forces, as well as celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Last year, it was estimated that consumers spent $500 (each!) over the holiday weekend, which means stores like yours should be prepared.

Print Memorial Day Promotions with Your Receipt Printer

There’s no need to shell out your hard-earned cash to market your Memorial Day specials. With Star Micronics PromoPRNT, you can print custom Memorial Day marketing promotions for veterans-only sales, summer kickoff specials, barbeques, and much more – all using the receipt printer you already have. And even better yet, the promotions are printed directly on the bottom of the receipt – a place nearly every customer looks! Click here to learn more or sign up for PromoPRNT today.

Let’s explore 3 easy in-store promotions you can print using PromoPRNT (these templates are currently available for use in the PromoPRNT dashboard):

1. Highlight a Sale for Veterans

2. Promote a BBQ

3. Have a Summer Kickoff Sale

Remember, all of these promotion templates are currently available on the PromoPRNT dashboard, in the Promotion Builder.

Looking for other ways to spruce up your small business? Explore more Small Business Tips now.

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Cannabis Legalization Check-In: What’s New

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost halfway complete. Time is flying, and if one thing is true, it’s this: the cannabis industry is budding.

It seems like there’s a major cannabis legalization update with each week that passes. With that legalization (and cultural acceptance) comes dollar signs: it’s predicted that the global legal cannabis market will be worth $63.5 billion by 2024. Whether or not you’ve dipped your toes into the cannabis market, it’s important to stay informed, which is why we’ve compiled a mid-year cannabis legalization check-in. Discover what’s new in cannabis legalization in the U.S. and beyond below.

Cannabis Legalization: Where the U.S. Stands

At the time this blog post was written, the medical use of cannabis is legal in 33 states, four out of five permanently inhabited U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. Meanwhile, the recreational usage of cannabis is legal in 10 states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington). And interestingly, a 2018 Gallup poll found that two-thirds of Americans feel marijuana should be made legal.

The following states have bills to legalize (and for the most part, regulate) adult marijuana use:

  • Alabama
    • Bill(s): SB 98; would legalize less than two ounces of cannabis, but does not include a regulated system
  • Connecticut
    • Bill(s): HB 7371, SB 1085, HB 5595, HB 6863, SB 496, SB 690 SB 744; on March 25, HB 7371 passed out of the General Law Committee
  • Florida
    • Bill(s): S. 1298; proposes a constitutional amendment that would go to voters for adults to grow, possess, and use cannabis
  • Hawaii
    • Bill(s): HB 1515, HB 1581, HB 708, SB 606, SB 686, SB 702; these bills did not advance out of committee before a deadline
  • Illinois
    • Bill(s): SB 7, HB 902, HB 2477
  • Indiana
    • Bill(s): SB 213; did not advance out of committee before a deadline
  • Iowa
    • Bill(s): SF 469; did not advance before a legislative deadline
  • Kentucky
    • Bill(s): SB 80; the legislature adjourned without voting on the bill
  • Louisiana
    • Bill(s): HB 509, HB 564, HB 462; HB 462 would create a constitutional amendment to allow cities to call elections to legalize and regulate adult use of cannabis
  • Maryland
    • Bill(s): SB 771 and SB 656; HB 632 proposes a constitutional amendment that would go to voters in 2020
  • Minnesota
    • Bill(s): SF 619 and HF 420; HF 265 and HF 465 propose a constitutional amendment that would go to voters in 2020; the Senate bills were voted down in committee in a 6-3 vote
  • Mississippi
    • Bill(s): SB 2349 died in committee
  • Missouri
    • Bill(s): HB 157, HB 551
  • Montana
    • Bill(s): HB 770
  • New Hampshire
    • Bill(s): HB 481, which the House voted 200-163 to pass on April 4, 2019, sending the bill to the Senate
  • New Jersey
    • Bill(s): S 830, A 1348, A 3819; the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and the Assembly Appropriations Committee voted on November 26, 2018 to advance S2703 and A4497; both bills carried over to 2019; the Senate Judiciary Committee reported a revised bill out on March 18, 2019
  • New Mexico
    • Bill(s): HR 356, SB 577; the House approved HR 356 in a 36-34 vote, then the bill died in the Senate Finance committee; the legislature has adjourned
  • New York
    • Bill(s): A. 1617, S. 1527, and S. 1509 and A. 2009, which are budget bills that include taxing and regulating cannabis for adult use
  • North Carolina
    • Bill(s): SB 58
  • Pennsylvania
    • Bill(s): HB 50
  • Rhode Island
    • Bill(s): H 5828 and H 5151; H 5151 is a budget bill that includes taxing and regulating cannabis for adult use
  • Texas
    • Bill(s): SB 460, SJR, 8, proposes a constitutional amendment that would go to voters in 2020
  • Virginia
    • Bill(s): HB 2371, HB 2373, both of which died in committee
  • West Virginia
    • Bill(s): SB 143, HB 2331, HB 2376, HB 3108; these bills did not advance before the legislature adjourned

Adult-use legalization bills are predicted in Delaware and Wisconsin, as well.

Where Other Countries Stand

Here is where some other countries stand in terms of legalization:

  • Argentina: CBD legalized/partially medically legalized/decriminalized
  • Australia: Medically legalized/partially decriminalized
  • Canada: Full federal legalization
  • Chile: Medically legalized
  • Colombia: Medically legalized/decriminalized
  • Croatia: Medically legalized
  • Czech Republic: Medically legalized
  • Germany: Medically legalized/decriminalized
  • India: Federally illegal, but legal in some states
  • Israel: Medically legalized
  • Italy: Medically legalized
  • Jamaica: Partially medically legalized/decriminalized
  • Macedonia: Medically legalized
  • Mexico: Medically legalized/decriminalized
  • Philippines: Medical cannabis legislation in progress
  • Poland: Partially medically legalized
  • Puerto Rico: Medically legalized
  • Turkey: Medically legalized
  • Uruguay: Legalized

Looking to Grow in the Cannabis Market?


Star Micronics has what it takes to compete in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis point of sale offering includes everything from NTEP-certified scales and high-volume cash drawers to pre-printed cannabis labels and in-store marketing tools.

Are you a reseller looking to cash in on cannabis point of sale? Discover what makes the cannabis industry different from other retail industries, what POS systems are required to legally sell cannabis, and more!

3 In-Store Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas Using PromoPRNT

Ah, moms. They are there for us since day one, and they remind us to take care of ourselves when we are adults. Clearly many people appreciate their mothers, and feel that there’s no better way to thank mom than to treat her on Mother’s Day. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, in 2018, 86% of American consumers celebrated the holiday, and they spent $179.77 each (with the biggest spenders shelling out nearly $225)!

It’s simply a no brainer that businesses large and small should cash in on the loving holiday. Implementing an in-store Mother’s Day marketing campaign in particular is great idea. Why? Because collectively, 64% of consumers will shop at department stores and specialty stores (like florists and jewelers), versus just 31% of shoppers who plan to shop online. Additionally, nearly 30% of moms claim they would love to receive the gift of an experience, like a spa day or entertainment tickets.

PromoPRNT: The Perfect Solution for Mother’s Day Marketing

Lucky for retailers and restaurants, with Star Micronics PromoPRNT, there’s never been an easier way to take advantage of in-store marketing. PromoPRNT works with your existing Star receipt printer (at no additional cost) and enables you to print customized promotions – directly on the receipts that go into your customer’s hand! Benefits of PromoPRNT include:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Make each customer visit unique
  • Manage promotions from anywhere
  • Make custom promotions from templates
  • And more!

Click here to learn more about PromoPRNT, or check out our short intro video below:

To help you out, Star has created three customizable Mother’s Day promotion templates, which are available now in the Promotion Builder. Check them out now:

Promo 1: Invite Customers to Take Mom Out

Promo 2: Promote Your Mother’s Day Sales

Promo 3: Host a Giveaway


Remember, all of these templates are now available to use in Promo Builder!

Ready to learn more or register for PromoPRNT? Click here to learn more and register your Star printer.

The Faster Payments Council: What You Need to Know

The payments industry is changing – fast. According to Statista, digital payments (including any payment made over the internet and payments made via mobile device at the point of sale) are expected to grow 12.7% year over year, and will account for over $6.5 trillion worldwide by 2023.

With the rapid growth of faster payments – or “payments in which the transmission of the payment message and the availability of final funds to the payee occur in real time or near-real time, and on as near to a 24-hour and 7-day basis as possible” – comes a variety of concerns, from accessibility to security. Not surprisingly, the industry’s leaders want a say in the path that’s being paved.

That’s where the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC) comes in. Lead by some of the payment industry’s key players, the FPC aims to enable all Americans to “safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere, at any time, and with near-immediate funds availability.” Let’s take a deeper dive into the FPC and its goals.

When Was the FPC Formed?

The FPC was created in November 2018 by the Faster Payments Task Force, a group of hundreds of stakeholders that came together – with Federal Reserve support – to form the Governance Framework Formation Team (GFFT). The GFFT was tasked with developing and implementing a governance framework that was inclusive of all of its stakeholders and facilitated faster payments in America, which is the FPC.

Who is a Part of the FPC?

The FPC is open to all stakeholders in the U.S. payment system, and it welcomes everyone from corporations to small businesses to individuals. Founding sponsors of the FPC include:

  • Bankers’ Bank
  • Ceridian
  • Corporate One
  • Early Warning
  • ICBA Bancard
  • Mastercard
  • North American Banking Company
  • Open Payment Network
  • Target
  • TD Bank
  • The Bankers’ Bank
  • The Clearing House
  • Visa Inc.
  • The Bank of New York Mellon
  • First Data
  • Goldman Sachs Bank USA
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank & Co.
  • Walmart

What is the FPC’s Mission?

Simply put, the FPC’s mission is to enable ubiquitous faster payments in the U.S. According to its website, the FPC has three pillars of guiding principles: inclusiveness and fairness; flexibility and responsibility; and transparency. More specifically, some goals the FPC has are:

  • Addressing issues that inhibit the adoption of faster payments
  • Enhancing the safety and security for service providers and users of faster payments
  • Developing guidelines to address opportunities and issues
  • Creating an education and awareness program to foster a better understanding of faster payments

Click here to view the FPC’s full framework.

What Comes Next

The FPC is planning to hold its first in-person meeting at the end of May 2019, so we expect to hear an update on its next steps shortly after. The council is also currently searching for its permanent Executive Director. During a time when payments are changing faster than ever, we’re interested to see how the FPC will affect the industry!

Wings Pizza n Things Manages High-Volume Sales, Has a Reliable Total Solution with Paradise POS

When sports fans in Temple, Texas, want to enjoy great food while watching the game, they head for Wings Pizza n Things. Voted the best wings in central Texas for 10 years running, the single-location, 40-employee restaurant sells about 50,000 wings each week. Customer favorites also include pizza, burgers, and authentic Philly cheesesteaks. Since owners Mike and Sara Dent opened Wings Pizza n Things in 2006, their goals were serving fresh, quality menu items and creating a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

The Challenge

Wings Pizza n Things needed to find a point of sale (POS) solution provider that could equip its business with the innovative technology it needs to handle a high-volume of sales. The restaurant also wanted to partner with a POS provider that could deliver a total solution, including POS hardware and software, reliable printer solutions for the front- and back-of-house, payment processing, and fast efficient service.

The Solution

When the Dents met the Paradise POS team, they knew they found the right partner. Paradise POS was the one-stop-shop for POS, third-party peripherals like kitchen ticket printers and receipt printers, credit card processing, and personalized customer support and service that Wings Pizza n Things was looking for. Owner Mike Dent says he was impressed by Paradise POS’ iPad-based system that equipped servers with mobile POS and gave his business a way to easily benefit from future innovation. “They were the only company that offered software updates, so as the technology improved, your POS system improved as well,” says Dent. “With other companies you basically purchased software, and you were never able to take advantage of the
always-improving technology that was out there.”

Because of Paradise POS’ roots in payment processing, the company provided Wings Pizza n Things with a comprehensive POS and payment solution. “That’s a difficult thing to find in this business,” says Dent. “If we have any POS or credit card issues, we literally make one phone call.” Dent adds that, because of their Texas roots, the Paradise POS team is easy to work with. “They’re very friendly and that comes through when you’re talking to them,” he says.

Wings Pizza n Things began working with Paradise POS in 2012, originally installing three Paradise POS terminals. The Paradise POS system is iPad-based, which combines legacy POS functionality with the easy-to-use iOS interface. The reliable Paradise POS system also features offline mode, so the system keeps working, even if there is an internet outage.

The Wings Pizza n Things solution also utilizes two models of Star Micronics printers. The TSP700 series impact printer is used in the kitchen due to its durability and high-quality ticket printing in a hot, humid kitchen environment. It is also capable of multicolor printing; by printing modifiers in red, it helps to eliminate confusion in the kitchen and increases speed. In the front of the house, the restaurant uses the Star TSP650 series for receipt printing. Wings Pizza n Things uses printer routing during busy times, and the printers aid the restaurant with branding due to their ability to print logos on receipts.

Dent says, “We were the first pizza restaurant POS system Paradise POS installed, so they worked with us until we had all the components we needed to operate efficiently, from the modifiers to being able to break down pizza toppings per slice and making it all understandable for the kitchen.

“They learned with us and were open to the changes we needed to make it work. They were with us 100% along the way — there’s not another company out there like that.” Dent was impressed that the Paradise team was willing to stay for a few days after installation to address any issues that occurred.

When the restaurant expanded in 2015 and the volume of business grew, Paradise POS equipped Wings Pizza n Things with two additional terminals and eight server iPads. With advancements in Paradise POS’ capabilities, parts of the second installation were managed remotely and it only took a few days for the restaurant to have full use of the system.

Click here to download the full success story.

Star Micronics and Kiosk Group, Inc. to Provide Self-Service Solution

Kiosk Pro, with Star Micronics printer peripherals makes self-service kiosks easy for government, healthcare, museums, and more

SOMERSET, NJ – APRIL 24, 2019 – Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proud to announce that Kiosk Group, Inc. has added support for Star’s all-in-one mPOP for their Kiosk Pro solution. Kiosk Pro transforms ideas into interactive kiosk experiences with Star’s modern and sleek hardware for the ultimate customer experience.

Kiosk Group offers ready-to-ship and custom-made solutions through their Kiosk Pro software. It is a flexible solution for any use case that also supports web-friendly content and media. Kiosk Pro Enterprise provides retailers and restaurants with interactive kiosk solutions for price checking or self-service check-out. Kiosk Pro also offers solutions for government, healthcare, museums, and more.

Star Micronics’ mPOP offers a compact and sleek mobile point of sale peripheral with a built-in receipt printer and cash drawer. In addition to the mPOP, Kiosk Group also supports Star’s TSP654II, TSP743II, TSP847II, and TSP143IIIU printers through their Kiosk Pro Enterprise solution. With these hardware options, Kiosk Pro provides their customers with an easy and reliable way to complete transactions with printed receipts.

“We’ve seen an increasing number of customers using Kiosk Pro for self-created POS applications,” said Becca Rice, Director of Software Development at Kiosk Group. “As an all-in-one cash register and printer solution, the mPOP is a great fit for our platform.”

Join Star Micronics at ETA TRANSACT 2019

SOMERSET, NJ – APRIL 22, 2019 – Star Micronics, a leading global manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technology solutions will be showcasing and demonstrating a range of featured products and software at ETA TRANSACT, an impressive show where industry leaders and entrepreneurs gather to focus solely on the business of payments technology. TRANSACT is held on Tuesday, April 30th through Thursday, May 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada. Star Micronics will be at booth #3509, displaying an assortment of industry-leading solutions and connecting with attendees.

Featured products and services include:

  • PromoPRNT – a seamless way for retailers to create and design printed promotions and receipts.
  • mUnite stands – durable steel POS solution stands that offers both function and style.
  • mCollection – a collection of durable, stylish printers and accessories designed to be easy to use.
  • CloudPRNT – a modern way for users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service.

In addition to providing information on featured products and services, Star will be offering software demos for:

  • Zuza on mPOP –ZUZA works with hundreds of processors and ISVs making its sales channels one of the fastest growing in the industry.
  • CardFlight on TSP100IIIBi – CardFlight is a leader in payment technology and mobile point-of-sale solutions for merchant service providers, banks, and independent sales organizations.
  • eMobilePOS on SM-S230i – A pioneer and leader in mobile POS, eMobile offers full-featured mobile POS software for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows smartphones and tablets.
  • Acadia POS on mC-Print3 – Acadia provides robust, cloud-based point-of-sale and business management solutions for retailers.

Star Micronics’ collection of printing and POS solutions are designed to align with the needs of business owners and support their brands.

“We are eager to connect with other industry leaders, technology innovators, and forward-thinkers in the payments industry. ETA TRANSACT is an ideal place to learn who and what is shaping the payments industry, and form lasting connections that promote mutual success,” says Christophe Naasz, Director of Business Development for Star Micronics.

Join Star Micronics at ETA TRANSACT 2019 and get an in-depth look at cutting edge software, solutions, and services that are making waves in the industry.

How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Star Micronics

Earth Day is upon us! Established in 1970, the holiday aims to educate people around the globe about environmental issues. This year Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22, but did you know you can give back to the environment every day using your Star Micronics technology? Read on to learn about the many ways we strive to preserve the earth while supplying top notch point of sale (POS) solutions.

Star Printer Environmental Profiles

Star puts forth great consideration into manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly products. Each printer model has an Environmental Profile featuring information on its usage safety, hazardous chemical substances, ecology considerations, and more. Click here to browse the Environmental Profiles.

Paper Reduction

Paper usage is a receipt printer’s largest negative burden on the environment. Taking this fact into consideration, Star designed ways to reduce the severity of receipt paper’s ecological impact while maintaining user comfort and familiarity. Here are some examples of how:

  • Reduced Top Margin: The top margin is the white space starting from the paper’s top edge down to the first line of printed text. In the past, typical receipt printers had top margins ranging from 11 to 15 mm, resulting in lots of unnecessary waste over time. Realizing this, Star defined the default top margin size of the TSP143III to 3 mm and made the feature available on other printer models in our lineup. The result? Conserving between 8 to 12 mm per receipt without any effort or adjustment from the retail shop or restaurant owner!
  • Receipt Length and Width Compression: Many Star printers enable retailers to reduce the size of their receipts without requiring any modification to existing POS software. Store owners have the ability to compress receipts horizontally, vertically, or both ways, for maximum paper conservation. Reduction of both vertical and horizontal space can reduce receipt size by a total of 75% without compromising image quality.
  • On-Demand Printing: Each day, cashiers provide receipts for small purchases, most of which are immediately discarded. The TSP143III addresses this wasteful situation by offering an intuitive option to print the receipt – or not – with no modification to existing POS software. Should the customer wish to not have the receipt printed, the cashier can simply hit the “No” button to skip the print job. The transaction data can then be automatically saved into a journal which allows the store or restaurant owner to browse past transactions, reprint receipts, and more. (Please note some countries ban transaction reprinting or logging, so this feature may not be available in your country should such a law exist).
  • Digital Receipts: What better way to reduce paper waste than with digital receipts? With Star Micronics Cloud Services, end users may provide digitized receipts in a fast, free, and secure way using any Star receipt printer.

Energy Efficiency

Although the cost to power a receipt printer is quite small, business owners can still benefit from Star’s energy efficient solutions. By using a Star receipt printer, businesses can save on electricity and add to their green efforts without making a large investment or changing company operations.

Star is proud to be ENERGY STAR-qualified! An international standard for the promotion of energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR qualification is a highly respected achievement for any product. In order for a product to obtain the qualification mark, it must meet strict energy requirements set by the government.

Sustainable Packaging

To further reduce negative impact on the environment, Star has adopted environmentally friendly packaging techniques, including:

  • Recyclable Packaging: Every Star printer ships in a recyclable cardboard box which can be easily dismantled and folded. The TSP143III took this initiative a step further by featuring the removal of polystyrene and Styrofoam packaging. These components were replaced by the same recyclable cardboard (which protects products from damage just as well).
  • Electronic Manuals: Star provides an electronic user manual on the installation CD included with most printer models. The manual, along with other documentation including setup sheets, installation guides, and FAQs, are available online for download.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Star continually monitors and conforms to international laws and standards, obtains certifications, and investigates new ways to make our products safe for people and the environment. Some environmental initiatives Star has taken include:

  • ISO 14001 Conformity: Star’s main printer manufacturing locations conform to the ISO 14001 international standard.
  • RoHS Compliance: All Star printers are RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) compliant. RoHS restricts the inclusion of certain hazardous substances in electronics manufacturing.
  • WEEE Compliance: All Star printers have earned the WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) marking. WEEE mandates the proper disposal and recycling processes of electronics equipment.
  • Environmental Activity Reporting: A yearly Environmental Report is published and posted on Star’s corporate website.
  • Green Procurement Guide and Survey Issuance: Star created a Green Procurement Guide, which is distributed to all suppliers and enables Star to mandate and monitor the exclusion of particular materials during manufacturing processes.
  • BPAFree Paper Rolls: Star is proud to provide BPA-free, premium grade printer paper rolls. Authentic Star paper rolls are easily recognized by the Blue Core.

Recycling Practices

Star strives to be eco-friendly every step of the way and encourages its customers to follow local standards for recycling electronics. Please note the disposal process for desktop printers, portable printers and batteries varies from country to country. Please refer to the appropriate measures mandating the disposal method of the country in which your printer is used.

Encourage Others to Go Green

Last but not least, one of the best ways to “do your part” when it comes to improving the environment is to encourage others to do the same! Business owners can use PromoPRNT, a value-add tool that prints custom promotions on receipts, to encourage its customers to use reusable bags, recycling product packaging, and more.

Looking to learn more about Star Micronics’ environmentally friendly technology? Click here to browse Star’s hardware products.

Star Micronics and Flash Order Partner to Provide a Self-Ordering Kiosk Solution for Restaurants

Flash Order and Star Micronics offer a complete system for order taking with a kiosk, menu wizard, and full-featured Kitchen Display System (KDS)

SOMERSET, NJ – APRIL 10, 2019 – Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proud to announce that Flash Order has added support for Star’s TSP143III, SP742 printers, and CD3 Cash Drawers, and plan to add support for the mPOP. Flash Order, paired with Star Micronics’ printing peripherals, delivers a DIY (do-it-yourself) kiosk solution to restaurants as a fast and easy way to implement digital ordering.

Flash Order is seamlessly integrated with Square and brings the cost saving and operational efficiency of digital ordering to the Square POS. Using the menu wizard, restaurants can easily import their menu from Square or build it from scratch. Flash Order allows users to manage their orders through the Flash Order KDS or with integrated Star Printing. The KDS allows restaurant owners and managers to set targets for order prep times, expedite orders, and filter and streamline orders between the grill, cold, prep, or any other station.

Star’s TSP143III receipt printer offers easy-to-use LAN connectivity, along with high-speed printing, and “print-flat” technology. It is ideal for offering customers printed copies of their self-ordering receipt that contains important information such as order number, wait time, etc. and can also be used to deliver printer promotions with Star’s PromoPRNT technology. The SP742 is Star’s ultimate kitchen printing solution, built to withstand environments where high temperatures can erode the type on the kitchen order.

“Flash Order self-order kiosks are perfect for restaurants of any size from Food Trucks to multi-unit chains,” said Flash Order co-founder Weston Hafen. “Kiosks can eliminate long lines, increase revenue, and with our DIY approach a location can be set up and ready to take customer orders in minutes.”

The benefits of implementing the Flash Order kiosk system attracted The Wash, a late-night desserts and drinks shop. Sean Kang owner of The Wash said, “We love the Flash Order system. We have transitioned to run all of our transactions through the self-order kiosks.  It has transformed our business and our customers love it.”