Wings Pizza n Things Manages High-Volume Sales, Has a Reliable Total Solution with Paradise POS

When sports fans in Temple, Texas, want to enjoy great food while watching the game, they head for Wings Pizza n Things. Voted the best wings in central Texas for 10 years running, the single-location, 40-employee restaurant sells about 50,000 wings each week. Customer favorites also include pizza, burgers, and authentic Philly cheesesteaks. Since owners Mike and Sara Dent opened Wings Pizza n Things in 2006, their goals were serving fresh, quality menu items and creating a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

The Challenge

Wings Pizza n Things needed to find a point of sale (POS) solution provider that could equip its business with the innovative technology it needs to handle a high-volume of sales. The restaurant also wanted to partner with a POS provider that could deliver a total solution, including POS hardware and software, reliable printer solutions for the front- and back-of-house, payment processing, and fast efficient service.

The Solution

When the Dents met the Paradise POS team, they knew they found the right partner. Paradise POS was the one-stop-shop for POS, third-party peripherals like kitchen ticket printers and receipt printers, credit card processing, and personalized customer support and service that Wings Pizza n Things was looking for. Owner Mike Dent says he was impressed by Paradise POS’ iPad-based system that equipped servers with mobile POS and gave his business a way to easily benefit from future innovation. “They were the only company that offered software updates, so as the technology improved, your POS system improved as well,” says Dent. “With other companies you basically purchased software, and you were never able to take advantage of the
always-improving technology that was out there.”

Because of Paradise POS’ roots in payment processing, the company provided Wings Pizza n Things with a comprehensive POS and payment solution. “That’s a difficult thing to find in this business,” says Dent. “If we have any POS or credit card issues, we literally make one phone call.” Dent adds that, because of their Texas roots, the Paradise POS team is easy to work with. “They’re very friendly and that comes through when you’re talking to them,” he says.

Wings Pizza n Things began working with Paradise POS in 2012, originally installing three Paradise POS terminals. The Paradise POS system is iPad-based, which combines legacy POS functionality with the easy-to-use iOS interface. The reliable Paradise POS system also features offline mode, so the system keeps working, even if there is an internet outage.

The Wings Pizza n Things solution also utilizes two models of Star Micronics printers. The TSP700 series impact printer is used in the kitchen due to its durability and high-quality ticket printing in a hot, humid kitchen environment. It is also capable of multicolor printing; by printing modifiers in red, it helps to eliminate confusion in the kitchen and increases speed. In the front of the house, the restaurant uses the Star TSP650 series for receipt printing. Wings Pizza n Things uses printer routing during busy times, and the printers aid the restaurant with branding due to their ability to print logos on receipts.

Dent says, “We were the first pizza restaurant POS system Paradise POS installed, so they worked with us until we had all the components we needed to operate efficiently, from the modifiers to being able to break down pizza toppings per slice and making it all understandable for the kitchen.

“They learned with us and were open to the changes we needed to make it work. They were with us 100% along the way — there’s not another company out there like that.” Dent was impressed that the Paradise team was willing to stay for a few days after installation to address any issues that occurred.

When the restaurant expanded in 2015 and the volume of business grew, Paradise POS equipped Wings Pizza n Things with two additional terminals and eight server iPads. With advancements in Paradise POS’ capabilities, parts of the second installation were managed remotely and it only took a few days for the restaurant to have full use of the system.

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Have Card, Will Travel: MBTA Introduces Mobile Credit Card Payment Option

Keolis Commuter Service (Keolis) operates the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) rail system, the fifth largest in North America. The MBTA and Keolis recently expanded their partnership to align through incentives and global best practices increases to revenue and ridership. As a component of this directive, the rail operator recognized a need for better insight into ticket and revenue numbers than what the MBTA’s paper ticket system provided. The paper tickets were tallied once a month, making limited data available only once every 30 days. In order to create a new marketing and promotional campaign that would boost ridership and optimize schedules, Keolis needed readily available, in-depth data that could form the basis of its new growth initiative.

The Challenge

In addition to addressing the lack of data, Keolis wanted to tackle another problem: a top complaint from passengers was the inability to pay onboard with a credit or debit card. MBTA’s Greater Boston area commuter rail moves an estimated 127,000 riders a day, but its onboard ticketing options were limited. Passengers could purchase tickets with cards from a kiosk at the station or in-person at a ticket window. However, if riders boarded the train without tickets, they would have to pay cash, or download the MBTA’s Commuter Rail mobile ticketing app.

Boston is a large tourism destination, so visitors or occasional users on board who didn’t have cash had two choices: download the app to pay or be issued a post-ride payment form to mail in later. Additionally, this cash-only option onboard was a security issue for conductors who had to carry large sums of money. Since fares are determined by departure and arrival zones, for non-ticket holders onboard, conductors had to memorize zone pricing to calculate the fare of a ticket, accept payment, then calculate the change to return to the passenger, or issue a non-payment form before moving on to the next rider. There could be up to 188 travelers in each car, so waiting for people to download the app or issuing them a post-ride payment form made each conductor’s job take longer than it should. In addition, riders who accepted the post-payment form were on the honor system to mail it in, so MBTA would risk loss of revenue on riders who didn’t carry cash.

The Solution

Conductors already carried Mobile Computing Devices (MCD) to receive notifications and train information, so Keolis sought a solution that would integrate with the hardware that was already in use. The rail operator partnered with the software company e-Nabler Corp, developers of eMobilePOS suite of point-of-sale applications for their unique mobile solutions expertise, who developed RailSales mPOS, which supports onboard ticket purchases with various tender types such as credit or debit cards. e-Nabler’s system runs on the Apple iPhone 6S (MCD) with an Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro 6 scanner and a Star Micronics SM-S230i handheld printer. Star’s SM-S230i is a 2” portable Bluetooth and USB printer that is compact and lightweight, so it can be worn on the conductors’ belts. The printer is MFi certified and easily connects to and pairs with the MCD.

This setup allows conductors to use the same interface they were already familiar with, which eliminated the need to carry a second mobile device and train on a new mobile operating system. The RailSales ticketing application’s new dynamic scheduling interface gives conductors up-to-the-minute train, zone and station selections for fare calculations and makes the end-of-day shift reconciliation accurate and much more convenient. RailSales mPOS also gives passengers the ability to pay on the train with a credit or debit card, or cash and get a receipt that can be validated visually or by scanning the receipt’s QR code.

The new fully operational integrated mobile RailSales solution was successfully rolled out in record time to approximately 400 conductors over four months after a successful 10-conductor pilot.

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The Bang Candy Store Gets a Sweet Deal from Cohub and Star Micronics

When Sarah Souther experienced a handmade marshmallow for the first time, it sparked a curiosity for the confectionary arts, and a desire to experiment with flavors. Soon after, she discovered an affinity for candy creation, and launched The Bang Candy Company, an artisan marshmallow company specializing in high-end sweets.

Now a popular and successful business, the shop prides itself in its ability to create decadent candies, syrups, and other treats, without the use of preservatives, stabilizers, and artificial ingredients. It now serves as both a confectionery production space and a café where customers can enjoy house-made goods while watching the candy creation process.

The Challenge

The Bang Candy Company has continuously experimented with flavors and creations, and has added a wide variety of new items to its inventory. With the growth the shop has experienced, it needed a way to streamline its inventory management.

The store is located in an area frequented by busy tourists, so inventory lookup and checkout processes both needed to be sped up. The Bang Candy Company has also been looking to implement pop-up shops around the holidays, which required additional registers, but the expense presented an obstacle.

The Solution

The Bang Candy Company chose to use an iPad-based POS system that allows for portability in order to
accommodate the flagship store, as well as any future pop-up shops. The iPad runs Cohub software, which features detailed, real-time inventory tracking and management, and provides an easy way to search for items and filter results. Cohub was also able to create an app for The Bang Candy Company, which enabled them to integrate the Star Micronics TSP100IIIBi receipt printer with their POS software.

The installation at the flagship store only required one system in order to suit The Bang Candy Company’s needs without exceeding the budget. In just a couple of hours, the system was installed and ready to use. Cohub trained the shop’s team on how to use the Cohub software and Star Micronics hardware. Because of the technology’s ease-of-use, training was fast and simple, and Cohub remained on-site the first day the software was rolled out.

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NUSHOP Online Ordering System Partners with Star to Revolutionize SMB Restaurants and Retailers

When it comes to point of sale (POS) and online ordering technology, it can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) to compete with the resources of large chain competitors. Gone are the days where it was enough to have an in-store POS system. In today’s omnichannel marketplace, it’s imperative for restaurants and retailers to have a website. Not only that, but consumers have come to expect the convenience of online ordering. For SMBs, the costs (not to mention the time) to keep POS and online ordering technologies functioning seamlessly are dizzying.

This is precisely what motivated Ali Bakhtiari, a software engineer, and former restaurant chain owner, to establish NUSHOP Online Ordering System. Now a global provider of managed, cloud-based POS and online ordering systems, NUSHOP offers the functionalities of enterprise grade technology at an affordability that’s ideal for SMBs.

The Situation

NUSHOP offers the latest functionalities of POS systems and online ordering used by corporate competitors, to businesses of any size at a fraction of the cost. With modules for both the food industry and any kind of retail business, NUSHOP sets up a tablet POS system and website for under $1,000 and then provides software and maintenance support of both for only $100 per month. This removes the burden of management from store owners, who now can focus more time and energy in running the business instead of running technology.

The NUSHOP’s cloud-based system automatically processes online orders, sending them directly to both your business’ in-store POS and order printer. The system can support an unlimited number of printers and cash registers for both single and multiple store locations. Consumers can select options for pick-up or delivery, and the system automatically sends the orders to the ideal location for delivery based on zip code. Best of all, store owners have peace of mind knowing that the entire system can be restored in a matter of minutes should a major issue arise.

For NUSHOP’s system to provide greatest efficiency and profitability for its customers, the right printing technology would be essential.

The Solution

The NUSHOP team partnered with Star Micronics for the technology that would provide the sophistication and processing power required to complement their streamlined POS and online ordering software. This included Star Micronics’s CloudPRNT, as well as two printer models, the TSP650II and TSP700, and two cash register models, the CD3-1313 and CD3-1616.

CloudPRNT allows for cloud-connected control of peripherals enabling printers and cash drawers to speak directly with NUSHOP’s server, saving time, increasing efficiency in order processing, and significantly decreasing the chance of error.


Both the TSP650II and TSP700 printer models have the ultra-high class-leading reliability and performance ideal for high-volume retail and restaurant establishments. With lighting fast print speeds of 60 RPM (receipts per minute), rugged construction, and thermal printing that withstands damage from heat and spills, the Star Micronics printers provided all the functionalities necessary for dependability and enhanced workflows.

Star Micronics’ printers were coupled with the cost effective and durable cash drawer models CD3-1313 and CD3-1616. The CD3 series integrates seamlessly into retail and restaurant environments, particularly where counter space is at a premium, and enhances the appearance of your POS terminal.

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3B Apps Chooses Star Micronics Printers for a Solution That Provides SMB Restaurants with a Competitive Edge

It can be a challenge for small and medium sized (SMB) restaurants to compete with their large chain competitors when it comes to mobile technology. 3B Apps has a mission of offering affordable mobile apps to restaurants of all sizes so they can offer their customers the convenience of mobile ordering — and to level the competitive playing field.

The Situation

3B Apps creates branded apps that are designed with the restaurant’s logo, images, and menus, which are formatted for easy ordering and payment. When a customer places an order, it is sent to an iPad in the restaurant’s kitchen where it automatically prints. This function of the solution streamlines online orders for the restaurant, reduces the need for additional labor to enter the order, and eliminates errors that can occur when orders are rekeyed.

The right printer, however, is essential for the greatest efficiency. In a loud, busy kitchen environment, it’s crucial to ensure the kitchen staff doesn’t miss any orders. 3B Apps needed to find printers that offered a level of dependability that wouldn’t leave kitchen staff wondering if they had missed an order or if an order had failed to print.

The 3B Apps team evaluated options for printers to integrate with their apps that would give restaurants the dependability and enhanced workflows they are looking for.


The Solution

After testing numerous printer solutions on the market, 3B Apps chose two of Star Micronics’s printer models, the TSP-100III and the SM-T300i, for several key reasons: the ability to integrate Star’s API, the features of the products, affordability and customer support.

3B Apps incorporates the Star Micronics TSP-100III thermal printer into solutions for the majority of its customers. This high speed (250 mm/s) printer features easy setup, “drop in and print” paper loading, multiple connectivity options and easy Bluetooth pairing.

For 3B Apps’ customers that need increased mobility and durability — in food truck applications, for example — the Star Micronics SM-T300i provides the functionality they need from an ultra-rugged mobile thermal receipt printer. This printer, MFi certified for use with iOS devices, is easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect “kitchen gadget.”

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TallySoft and Star Equip Specialty Retailers to Enhance Customer Experience

Specialty retailers are facing more competition from big box retailers and e-commerce businesses than ever before, and they are exploring technology options to support efficient, profitable operations – but at the same time delight customers with great shopping experiences. TallySoft’s Retail Management system, TallySales™, is strategically designed to deliver both.

TallySales combines the art and the science of retail to provide retailers in niche markets with exactly what they need to operate successful businesses. The flexible, fully scalable, Windows-based touchscreen point of sale (POS) and retail management system provides easy-to-use tools for day-to-day functions as well as data analytics aimed at more effective customer loyalty, marketing, inventory control and labor management. TallySoft serves clients across the United States and internationally with its state-of-the-art software and highly responsive customer service.

The Situation

The TallySoft network of resellers provides one-stop shopping for retailers looking for complete solutions. In addition to TallySales software, the TallySoft network can provide POS hardware, payment processing, security, internet service, installation, and POS peripherals.

The TallySales solution often includes a mobile component that enables retailers to provide better customer experiences and increase sales potential. It also provides its retail clients line-busting capabilities during the peak season, even with limited counter space. But at the end of every transaction, TallySoft clients needed the ability, whether at the counter or on the sales floor, to provide the shopper with a receipt.

The Solution

TallySoft evaluated printers for its solutions, not only looking at functionality and performance, but also considering support. “TallySoft is a software company and dealing with hardware issues and support is something that we like to leave to the hardware experts. Star’s support team has won rave reviews from our customers with getting the customer’s questions and issues resolved quickly,” said Mike Stephenson, COO of TallySoft.

TallySoft also found that Star’s portable printers, such as the SM-S230i, are the perfect solution for TallySoft customers leveraging mobile POS solutions. The compact and lightweight SM-S230i 2-inch portable printer is easy to connect via Bluetooth or USB. This thermal printer also features a durable design for use on a busy retail sales floor, even during the periods of high-volume traffic and sales. “Customers love Star portable printers for mobile devices. They allow sales associates to step out from behind the counter and engage customers on the sales floor,” Stephenson said.

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Restaurant Opening is Rescued with MobileBytes iPad POS and Star Printer

If you ask local diners why they should go to Charlton’s Grill & Tap in Johns Creek, Georgia, they’ll tell you it’s for the wings. The eatery is known for jumbo, crisp wings prepared with a variety of homemade sauces and rubs—and Charlton’s encourages diners to mix flavors  to come up with creative combinations they love. The family-owned-and-operated restaurant, which opened its doors in 2016, also provides great customer service, supported by state-of-the-art technology—but management didn’t find it that way when they prepared for the restaurant opening.

The Challenge

When owner Bob Charlton purchased the restaurant, he discovered the point of sale (POS) system hasn’t been properly maintained. Charlton, the former executive VP of sales and marketing for a systems integrator, was familiar with POS systems, and quickly discovered that he has a problem. The POS system has never been upgraded—in fact, it was running four versions behind the current software—and the POS hardware and printers were outdated. The restaurant couldn’t alter the system at all to make it usable.

Charlton knew he needed a cloud-based POS system that he’d be able to access from a laptop or smartphone. He also needed a solution that allowed him to focus on his new restaurant, not on IT, but still easily manage changes and updates. Charlton’s Grill and Tap didn’t anticipate the issues it discovered with the existing POS system and printers. They wanted to easily enable online ordering, offer a loyalty program and printers that required zero IT support to print receipts and takeout orders. They has to work fast as they only has 3 days to implement a new POS system and thermal printers for the restaurant.

Source: Charlton’s Grill & Tap

The Solution


Charlton originally contacted Matt Shaw from Postec, Inc. because he thought the Toast restaurant POS and management system would best suit the business’ needs. But after Shaw listened to what Charlton was looking for, he recommended a MobileBytes system and Star printers. Mobilebytes iPad POS provided Charlton’s with the anytime, anywhere cloud access it was looking for, and it made communicating and engaging with customers through the POS system easier. Charlton’s also chose Star SP700 and TSP650II printers, two for the front of the house and one in the back.

The new POS solution was also easy to roll out and simple to set up. The MobileBytes and Star system took less than two days to install and go live, setup took less than eight hours with the assistance of Postec, Inc. and staff training, including placing sample orders, took less than one hour, helping Charlton’s open its doors in less time than other POS systems could have.

When an order comes in, the order double prints—once for the kitchen to initiate food prep and once for the front of the house to prepare the take out order. The Skip-the-Line feature is provided through the MobileBytes app. When guests are within 90 feet of the restaurant, their phone will connect to the restaurant’s iBeacon and they will receive a notification through the app asking if they would like to “skip the line” and order ahead through the mobile app. Anyone dining in can order online with orders printing for the front and back of the house so they’ll be ready when guests arrive. Guests that want to have alcoholic beverages with their meals, however, have two separate checks, since alcohol can’t be ordered online. To compensate, the restaurant offers a free drink promotion to encourage online orders. Charlton’s also launched a loyalty program, supported by the MobileBytes app.

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Seatninja and Star Micronics Empower Full Service Restaurants to Deliver VIP Diner Experience


With the increase in popularity of fast casual and fast-fine dining establishments, full service restaurants are under increasing pressure to provide top-notch dining experiences. Each diner’s experience begins the moment they step through restaurant doors and approach the host stand.

Seatninja Host is a low-cost solution that allows full-service restaurants to connect with guests and consistently provide a VIP Diner Experience. The digital seating system was created to emulate the paper tools that 90% of restaurants still use for managing walk-ins, waitlist parties, and reservations. Seatninja Host is a complete front-of-house system that will enable your staff to interact with guests via SMS or mobile application, gain visibility into where all seated guests are in the dining cycle, identify tables with VIPs and special occasions, quote accurate wait times by party size, manage and follow server rotations, quickly look up guest’s dining history, and more.


As a result of the growth in fast casual and fast-fine dining establishments, guests are becoming more and more intolerant of mistakes in lost reservations, long wait lists, and misquoted wait times. Guests are also starting to expect automated and seamless reservation and waitlist procedures at the front-of-house within a modern and up-to-date full-service restaurant. To appease unhappy and impatient customers, restaurants lose hundreds of dollars in revenue each month to guest comps or freebies to avoid bad press and poor Yelp reviews.


Seatninja Host organizes and automates most of the host stand functions, such as taking and managing reservations and waitlists, managing seating, wait time estimates, and server rotation. The solution automatically suggests tables for guests, accurately estimates wait times, and organizes the guests into a seating line. The solution uses a two-way texting system to communicate with guests to let them know their table is ready and allows guests to disperse to other nearby areas and thus removing the pressure from small, over-crowded lobbies. In this way, it never loses a reservation or waitlist party, maximizing restaurant seating, without overbooking.

For easy server reference, the integrated Star Micronics TSP100III printer prints out a reservation or waitlist “chit” that includes each guest’s visit details including, name, number in party, visit history, permanent guest notes, current visit reservations notes, table number and any party flags assigned, i.e. birthday, anniversary, high chair required, etc. For additional server management, each server’s schedule can be printed from the system as well. The schedule includes the name of the server, the tables assigned to each server and his or her’s scheduled time in. This further ensures that each guest receives a VIP customer experience delivered not only from the front-of-the-house stand, but also their server as well.


The Seatninja and Star Micronics solution deliver an immediate ROI on the monthly subscription. Setup takes, on average, less than an hour. The solution is paired with an iPad tablet upon deployment. Training is quick and easy, completed in an hour or less and staff typically and staff typically reaches proficiency with the solution within two shifts or less.

Full service restaurants who deploy the solution may see some or all of the following results:

  • fewer table checks ($75 per month in savings)
  • additional table turns ($400 per month in additional revenue)
  • decrease in reservation no shows ($400 per month in savings)
  • decrease in walk outs on waitlists ($400 per month in savings)
  • no lost or damaged paper replacements ($100 per month in savings)
  • reservations can be taken automatically during off hours ($1500 per month in additional revenue)
  • reduced comps for mistakes ($100 per month in savings)
  • automatic table assignments for reservations ($124 per month in savings)

Sunglass Menagerie Finds Their Shine with Vend and Star Micronics’ mPOP™

Sunglass Menagerie has proudly served the New Jersey beach community for the past 38 years offering a variety of sunglass options for every type of beach bum. Sunglass Menagerie was originated in the late 70s before big brand sunglasses began to take off. Being one of the first sunglass stores in the country, Sunglass Menagerie’s goal is to have a pair of sunglasses for every face that enters the store. Over the past 30 years, Sunglass Menagerie has expanded to open 6 stores along the Jersey shore, and plans to open 5 more stores this upcoming season. With Sunglass Menagerie’s success and recent expansion, they sought a point of sale system that would work seamlessly across all locations. Star Micronics’ mPOP™ with Vend POS for retail was the perfect solution.

Sunglass Menagerie was experiencing huge success over the past few years, and needed a point of sale system to keep up with the high volume of transactions during their busy season. Prior to the install of the mPOP with Vend, Sunglass Menagerie used an analog cash register that they referred to as ‘a cigar box with a calculator’. When they decided to upgrade their technology, customers immediately noticed. Being based in beach town locations, Sunglass Menagerie typically employs high school or college students that are looking to make some extra cash over summer break. Their old cash register was very difficult for employees to set up and operate. “Employees could never be sure if the machine would even start up or work properly for the day,” said Colton Karch, Store Leader of Sunglass Menagerie.

The ‘out of the box’ solution offered by Star and Bend was simple to set up, only taking about 30 minutes. “A temp employee was able to get the first mPOP set up and running within an hour,” recalls Karch. Sunglass Menagerie never experienced a single technology issue with the hardware, and the Vend software offered a user-friendly solution for employees. The Vend POS solution allowed employees to run real-time reports, see their daily sales numbers, and complete seamless customer transactions, all to improve the overall customer experience.

The Vend and Star Micronics mPOS system brought many benefits to Sunglass Menagerie. One of the largest was inventory control. For the first time, Sunglass Menagerie has the ability to gain instant access to inventory reports to ensure that they never run out of popular items. Management can now check-in remotely and know exactly what they have available in each store, resulting in less lost customers.

The mPOP was also able to provide a smoother workflow for employees and management. Employees no longer have to worry about the system shutting down, and management is no longer receiving phone calls on how to change the receipt paper or that the machine ran out of ink.

“It’s comforting to know that we are no longer losing sales due to the system being down. Employees understand and enjoy using the new system. Knowing exactly what we have in stock and being able to see their sales numbers makes the employees more excited to set new goals and sell more sunglasses.”

– Colton Karch, Store Leader, Sunglass Menagerie

Download the full success story: Sunglass Menagerie Case Study

Shag Spa and Salons Creates Customer Branded Receipts with Rosy Salon Software and Star Micronics

Shag Spa and Salons offers hair, nail, massage, and skin care services in The Woodlands, north of Houston, Texas. Shag Spa and Salons strives to provide the best experience possible for all clients, every day. With over 60 service providers and a diverse and growing clientele, it’s essential that all operations run smoothly at every level. Appointments need to be simple to book; client information must be easy to access and checkout must happen seamlessly, so that the customer experience is smooth all the way through their visit.

Shag was in search of a robust cloud-based software solution that would allow them to run all aspects of the salon, even when working remotely. The system needed to have easy access to client information with the option for clients to book online. It also needed to integrate with multiple merchant accounts and offer completely branded receipts for all products and services.

Shag Spa and Salons uses Rosy Salon Software, a cloud-based application to schedule and confirm appointments, track client information and transaction history, make product recommendations based on current or past services, and allow easy checkout with integrated POS. Various merchant accounts and processing machines are used along with Star Micronics thermal printers to complete the transaction with customer messaging on a completely branded receipt.

The reception desk at Shag Spa and Salons can easily look up customer information, book an appointment, and check clients in or out with just a few clicks, which offers a more efficient and personalized customer experience. Clients can also book online, reserve products, and purchase gift cards or memberships from any device, any time their schedule permits. This offers convenience for the client and saves the salon precious staff time. Also, automated appointment confirmations and text alerts help reduce no-shows, keep clients on time, and notify service providers of a change in their schedule. In addition, the integrated POS handles multiple merchant accounts and the Star TSP100 printers offer a customizable receipt complete with salon branding and return policy

“We own fine of the Star TSP100 printers between our two salons. They are rock-solid, are a great value, and last a long time, even in the high demand of our always-busy salon. If i could measure the amount of thermal paper that has gone through these printers, it would be hundreds of miles of receipts. These printers just go, and go, and go!”

– Fred Klages, Co-Owner, Shag Spa and Salons

Download the full case study here: Shag Spa and Salon Case Study.