How to Create the Perfect POS Solution for Your Fitness Center

Fitness centers have a unique environment and need a unique POS solution. Discover four ways to build the perfect POS for your fitness center.

A fitness center is a challenging environment for point of sale systems. There are staff schedules, members to track, classes to register for and different areas of the facility that may need retail POS functionalities but don’t have the counter space to spare.

Owners and managers who want to create the perfect POS solution for their fitness center can build it with the right componen

ts and applications. There are a wide range of technologies and point of sale hardware solutions that can help you elevate your fitness center to the next level.

Scheduling and membership management

Downloadable applications for scheduling and member management are popular because they require little upfront investment, update frequently, and typically you can use the hardware you already own. This affordable alternative to traditional, on-premises POS systems keep information secure and make it easy to create schedules and maintain client records, even when you’re not on site.

However, many web-based applications have printer connectivity issues.  A platform agnostic print data relaying application is a popular technology solution used to remedy this problem. You’ll want to find a low-cost, versatile solution to cloud/web-based printing that allows you to generate high-quality printing for your fitness center with professional, crisp graphics.

Solutions for off-site or outdoor fitness classes

Fitness center owners who host off-site events or outdoor fitness classes need to have receipt-printing capability for customers paying for retail products, classes or services. For this reason, you’ll want to find a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled printer. These portable receipt printers can range from compact models to more robust options and at price points that suit any budget.  Choose a portable receipt printer that is small and light and can easily be carried outdoors and used to print invoices, labels, receipts and other documentation.

Space-saving, cost-effective solutions 


Fitness centers aren’t cash-heavy operations, so many gym owners don’t feel the need to shell out big bucks for a full POS setup. But for a select few areas that handle cash—for example, a juice bar, babysitting or when paying for guests or special services— an ergonomic solution for tablet POS that combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral is the ideal solution. Select a unit with a fully integrated design that works with the tablet or mobile device of your choice, so you can have a mobile solution without compromising space, quality or functionality.



Quick and Easy Connections

Fitness center owners who choose popular iPad and iPhone POS solutions have demanded increasingly mobile and connected receipt printer solutions. Since gyms tend to be heavily soundproofed with electronic equipment or other signal blocking materials, you may struggle with connectivity.

Choose a printing solution from a line of printers that was created to take care of connectivity problems. For example, The Star Micronics TSP100IIIU offers a simple and extremely reliable tether connection for iOS devices via USB connectivity.

Gym owners looking for printing solutions for fitness centers should explore Star Micronics’ lineup of hardware and technology applications. Whether you are looking to add printer connectivity, mobile POS or off-site functionality, Star has a variety of options that will help you add the capabilities you need for a

n affordable price tag. Contact us for more information.

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