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6 “Must-Haves” for Stadium POS

The economy is reopening, and consumers are excited to attend events and sports games. When visiting a large sports stadium or entertainment arena, you often

  • 3 Advantages of Online Food Ordering for Customers
    Online ordering has been around in the restaurant industry for quite some time – in fact, the first online food ordered was placed in 1994! However, in recent years and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, online ordering has gone from a desirabl...
  • How to Balance Cash Drawers Quickly and Accurately
    To operate a successful business, cash on hand is critical. Many will claim that cash is on its way out, and though that might be true one day in the future, it is still a long way off. Many people still operate using mainly cash, and customers expec...
  • 5 Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions
    As you plan your strategy, consider how your business could be reaping the benefits of digital signage.Smart marketing includes the goal of making the best investment of precious advertising dollars on activities that people will see. As you plan you...
  • Restaurant Guide: How to Offer Curbside Pickup
    Curbside pickup is here, and it is here to stay. In fact, according to Technomic’s 2020 Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 66% of consumers anticipate continuing to use curbside pickup after dine-in services resume. Simply put, if you haven’...
  • 7 Easy Tips on Selling Merchant Services
    When it comes to selling merchant services, the landscape can be quite competitive. With many options on the market for your customers, it’s critical to take the time to focus on how you can differentiate yourself as a solution provider. While it mig...
In this episode of the Rising Stars podcast, join us for a dive deep into the booming cannabis industry. Host Brianna Moriarty interviews John Bachanov, CEO of Appspensary, a dispensary POS e-commerce software he and his long-time best friend founded in March 2020. Together Brianna and John discuss challenges modern cannabis dispensaries are facing including...
In this episode of the Rising Stars Podcast, Star Micronics America’s Senior Product Integration Specialist, Guillermo Cubero, and Star Micronics Europe’s Software Development Manager, Lawrence Owen, discuss all things integration. From the history of Star’s SDKs for mobile devices and the importance of manufacturer-created POS SDKs to simplify the integration process, to the rise of...
In this week’s episode of the Rising Stars Podcast, join us as host Brianna Moriarty chats with Samsung’s Senior Manager of Business Development B2B Mobility for Retail, Joe Hasenzahl. Dive into topics such as how the line is blurring between the shopper and the associate in the retail space, and the importance of intuitive B2B...
In this week’s episode of the Rising Stars Podcast, host Brianna Moriarty speaks with Ben Eaton, Senior Sales Executive at ERS. Together they explore how – in a world full of one-click etailers – value-added resellers (VARs) can provide value to customers by supplying real-time stock information, proactively and personally confirming compatibility needs, and more....
Cannabis Bud and Prescription Bottle

5 Features to Look for in Cannabis POS Software

Cannabis point-of-sale (POS) systems have unique components that you will not find in any other industry.  With legalization being closer to reality than ever, it

Cannabis Scale

5 Reasons You Need a Dispensary POS System

The cannabis industry is flourishing. With recent legalizations, including New York, it is without a doubt that the market will see countless new dispensaries opening



RetailNOW 2021 Recap

It’s hard to believe that RSPA RetailNOW 2021 was already two weeks ago, but the memory of it is still fresh here at Star Micronics.

Woman business owner holding open sign

Reopening Retail Stores: The Full Guide

As the world begins to recover from COVID-19, business owners everywhere like yourself may be wondering how to move forward. Reopening retail stores is not





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