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CD3-1616 Tradition Cash Drawer

Solutions For:

  • Cost effective cash drawer
  • Robust storage and high volume cash drawer
  • Durable steel construction and black or white
    coated finish
  • Printer driven interface with bottom exit cable
    (cable included)
  • Key lock at front center for manual release
  • Dual media slots
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CD3-1616 Cash Drawer Description

Star Micronics' CD3 Tradition Cash Drawer series are cost effective cash drawers the integrate seamlessly into any retail or hospitality environment with a standard printer communication interface and bottom exit cable, hidden from the customer's view. CD3-1616 Tradition cash drawer can accommodate to Canadian, United States, and Latin American currency types of 4Bill-8Coin, and 5Bill-8Coin.

Features include black or white stainless steel front drawer cover, dual media slots, and a three function lock system. The smooth black or white coated finish provides a unified appearance and complements the connected POS peripherals for merchants. The dual media slots provide extra storage for checks and large bills. For security, the key lock at front center allows for an easy manual release with a key or electronic release.

The CD3-1616 Tradition Cash Drawer is a full-sized cash drawer for robust storage and high volume cash flow. With an optional under the counter mounting bracket, retail and hospitality establishments can save on precious counter space. Optimal in any POS environment, the CD3 Tradition cash drawers will enhance not only cash operations, but also the appearance of your POS terminal.



  Cash Volume Weight Size Printer Driven (Cable Included)

Colors Available

CD3-1313 Standard


9.9 lbs.



(13 x 13)



Black or White

CD3-1616 High


16.7 lbs.


(16 x 16)

Yes Black or White

Specifications - CD3-1616



16.1 x 16.4 x 4.4 (W x D x H) inches

410 x 415 x 114 (W x D x H) mm


Approx. 16.7 lbs

Approx. 7.6 kg

Drawer   2 Media Slots, Short
Cash Till   4 Bill / 8 Coin ; 5 Bill / 8 Coin
Emergency Lever   Emergency release lever is located underneath the cash drawer
Connectivity   Standard printer driven interface (cable included)
Solenoid   24V

Black or White

Warranty   1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (US and Canada)

Under-Counter Mounting Bracket (CD3-1616)

Insert / Money Tray (CD3-1616)

Spare Keys (CD3-1616)

Y Cable for dual cash drawer to connect to Star printer (10 inch)

Y Cable Kit for dual cash drawer to connect to Epson printer (3 cables included)




Features and Benefits - CD3-1616


Full Sized   Full sized for robust storage, ideal in high cash volume situations
Connectivity   Standard printer driven communication with bottom exit cable for traditional POS
Manual Release   Key lock at front center for easy manual release
Coated Finish   Smooth coated black or white finish

Models - CD3-1616

Part NumberModelDescription
37965570CD3-1616WTC48-S2Cash Drawer, White, 16Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4Bill-8Coin for Canada, 2 Media Slots, Cable Included
37965580CD3-1616BKC48-S2Cash Drawer, Black 16Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4Bill-8Coin for Canada, 2 Media Slots, Cable Included
37965590CD3-1616WT58-S2Cash Drawer, White, 16Wx16D, Printer Driven, 5Bill-8Coin, 2 Media Slots, Cable Included
37965600CD3-1616BK58-S2Cash Drawer, Black 16Wx16D, Printer Driven, 5Bill-8Coin, 2 Media Slots, Cable Included
37964350S1YE1Y-72 BLACK CABLE SMD2 & CD3Cash Drawer, Cable, Connect Star Cash Drawer to Star Printer, 72inch, Black
37965630TILL CD3-1616 4B8CCash Drawer, CD3-1616 4Bill/8Coin Money Tray Insert for Canada
37965640TILL CD3-1616 5B8CCash Drawer, CD3-1616 5Bill/8Coin Money Tray Insert
37965730SPARE KEY CD3-16 (CASH DRAWER)Cash Drawer, CD3-1616 Spare Key Set
37965670UNDER-COUNTER MOUNTING BRACKET CD3-1616Cash Drawer, CD3-1616 Under Counter Bracket Kit
37966420LOCKING TILL COVER CD3-1616Cash Drawer, CD3-1616 Locking Money Tray Cover
37964840SAC10EB-24OF USDK-AirCash - Ethernet/Bluetooth Android/Windows Cashdrawer adapter, Ext PS included, AutoConnect off, with 5.5"cable

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