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Specs at a Glance
  • 15" all-in-one mini kiosk and customer engagement device
  • 7" LCD interactive touch screen display
  • Reliable ARM based CPU
  • 256MB of memory + Micro SDHC up to 32GB
  • Integrated high-speed thermal printer
  • Integrated magnetic stripe reader and 2D imager
  • Internal speaker
  • 4 x USB port, Ethernet, audio line out, MIC input

Printer Description
Star Micronics introduces its AsuraCPRNT, a robust, feature rich, interactive all-in-one mini kiosk and customer engagement device with an integrated printer. Standing at 15 inches tall, the AsuraCPRNT is equipped with a reliable ARM processor which manages its seven-inch touch-screen display and its integrated high-speed three-inch printer.
The AsuraCPRNT functions as a self-contained, all-in-one mini kiosk taking up little counter space or self-standing, pole mounted and is the perfect solution for an endless number of customer engagement applications including:
  • Player Rewards: Casino players swipe or scan their loyalty cards to redeem player reward points for instant free plays, food, event discounts, room offers, etc.

  • Product Offers/Rebates: Run instant in-aisle promotional offers or rebates for daily, weekly, monthly products of choice.

  • Point of Entry Loyalty: Receive your shopping rewards at point of entry instead of post sale. Captivate your audience and promote offers to drive product sales.

  • Quick Service Restaurant Ordering: Avoid long order times and allow customers to self order items, purchase items and take a number for their order to be called when ready.

  • Reservation Management: As an alternative to restaurant buzzer or paging systems, allow customers to self check in for your reservation and receive a printed confirmation and be notified when your table/room is ready by text message, e-mail or phone call.

  • Airline Check-In: Check in for your flight, identify number of checked bags and print boarding pass.

  • Deli Order and Queue Management: Optimize sales at busy deli counters by allowing customers to self order deli items for pick up later in their shopping experience or to enter the deli counter queue.

  • Inventory Management: Scan you item to find out available stock at your location.

  • Omni-Channeling: Scan your item to find out product information including size and inventory available at your location and/or nearby locations. Purchase online and pick up in store or ship to home and receive e-receipt and printed receipt.

  • Point of Purchase: Scan your item to purchase and receive e-receipt and printed receipt.

  • Employee Time Management: Employees can enter their pin and clock in and out for the day’s work.

  • Price Checker: Scan items in aisle to check price. Print coupons, recipes and more.

  • Digital Signage: Control large digital signage to run in store product promotions and more.

  • Product Information: Scan your item to learn inventory, nutritional information, available sizes, etc. Watch product videos and promotions on the 7-inch touch screen.

  • Patient Queue Management: Patient check-in and wait time management.

  • Gift Registry Management: Search guest’s bridal, baby, etc. registries and print product lists with aisle locations and available inventory.

  • Audio/Video Station: Promote in store music and movie products with audio clips and trailers on its bright 7-inch screen and speakers.

  • Event Ticketing: Eliminate "will call" ticket lines and print your pre-purchased event tickets.

To learn more about these exciting customer interactive applications and how the AsuraCPRNT makes them all possible, call us at 800-782-7636 Ext. 107. You can also learn more by visiting 
The AsuraCPRNT ‘s computing capability, coupled with its ability to drive content to other devices such as smart phones, merchant tablets and digital signage, gives developers the perfect platform to create applications that engage the customer and provide an interactive in-store experience. With unmatched utility, the AsuraCPRNT is capable of delivering audiovisual messages on its own screen as well as on external signage, managing queues and loyalty programs, tracking inventory, operating as a self-service kiosk and so much more. Truly one of a kind, the AsuraCPRNT leaves the developer to determine its ultimate role.
The AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated magnetic stripe reader and 2D imager module. The AsuraCPRNT is optimized to support connection of external USB peripherals such as a biometric scanner, WiFi/3G/4G dongle, camera and many others. To learn more about how the AsuraCPRNT is providing solutions for
Interested in developing for Star’s AsuraCPRNT? Click here to learn more about our developer program, or call Star Micronics at 800-782-7636 Ext. 107.
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ARM Cortex-A8 Core


256MB DDR2

Operating System

Linux Angstrom kernel 2.6.x 

Android  (by special request) 

Touch Screen

Seven inch (800x480 pixel) TFT Resistive LCD

Printer Method

Direct Line Thermal

Print Speed

60 Receipts Per Minute (300 mm/sec)

Print Resolution

203 dpi


8 / 16 / 32 bit

Black Mark Sensor



180 x 380 x 162 (w x h x d)mm

Paper Specifications
Roll Diameter
Paper Out Sensor
Paper Low Sensor
Maximum Print Width

80mm standard
0.053 ~ 0.085 mm
Up to 83 mm
"Drop-In & Print"
80mm paper = 72mm, 58mm paper = 52mm

Auto Cutter


Reliability MCBF
Print Head
Auto Cutter

60 Million Lines
2 Million Cuts


USB- Host x 4 (Type A) 

USB- Device x 1 (Type B) 
Audio Line Out 

MIC input

Ethernet (100/10 Base T) 
Micro SDHC

Peripheral Drive Circuit  

2 Drivers

Included with AsuraCPRNT

Base Stand, Power Cable, Roll Paper Guide


Point of Interaction

Intuitive 7 inch touch screen receives information from users as well as provides media rich displays for businesses creating the ultimate customer engagement experience. Programmable LED lights project an aesthetic display to attract users in active areas.

ARM based CPU

Provides easy to use Linux programming platform for developers and reliable computing power to run feature rich software and applications. 

Wide array of connectivity

Ability to connect with other technologies such as biometric scanners for security, cameras for live video interaction, NCF readers for identification, and many more.

Integrated High Speed Printer

Print high quality coupons, receipts and documents at point of interaction, on demand, without waiting time.     

High Reliability

Durable design with secure electronic paper locking mechanism effective in self-service environment.

Small Foot Print

Light weight and compact design provides users flexibility in its display set up whether if it is secured on a flat surface with base stand or mounted on a poll with VESA back mount.


Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37963920 - 80mm (3.15") Thermal Paper Roll (12 pack)

Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides full bumper-to-bumper coverage available for 3 years.

Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides next business day replacement coverage available for 3 years.

Part Number Model Description
ASR 10A-24F1 WT US AsuraCPRNT + MSR/BCR module bundle
39640310 ASR 10A-24B1 WT US AsuraCPRNT + BCR module bundle
ASR 10A-24M1 WT US AsuraCPRNT + MSR module bundle
Paper and Supplies
TRF80-D82-C12 12PK 80mm (3.15") Thermal Paper Roll (12 pack)
AsuraCPRNT_Product_Sheet.pdf336.79 KBDownload
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