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Specs at a Glance
  •  High-Speed Printing of 43 Receipts per Minute
  •  East set-up across all models
  •  "Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading 
  •  Guillotine Auto-Cutter
  •  Revolutionary futurePRNT Receipt Design Software
  •  Compatible with Star Cloud Services digital receipt solution and AllReceipts™ app

Printer Description

The TSP100III is the faster, easier, and better solution for POS receipt printing. Already a leading player in the mPOS market, Star Micronics' TSP100III if offered with WLAN, LAN, or Bluetooth connectivity for an easy-to-use and ready-to-go installation. Learn more about the TSP100III series here.

The TSP100ECO, the world's first ECO POS receipt printer, supports Star's commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched economical choice for users. The TSP100ECO has been designed with an advanced power management circuitry which allows any user to reduce their printer current consumption by up to 75% compared to standard Star printers, making it the most economic printer in its class. Learn more about the TSP100ECO here.
The TSP100GT receipt printer brings all attributes of the TSP100 including all parts and software being included in one box couple with a print speed of 43 RPM (250mm/s). Learn more about the TSP100GT here.
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Printer Method

Direct Line Thermal

Print Speed

TSP100ECO: 28RPM (Receipts per Minute)
TSP100III & TSP100GT: 43 RPM

Printer Case Color

TSP100ECO: White or Gray
TSP100III: Ultra White or Gray
TSP100GT: Gray, Piano Black, Ice White

Models Available

TSP100ECO: Auto Cutter model only
TSP100III: Auto-Cutter with Emergency tear bar
TSP100GT: Tear bar or Auto-Cutter

Print Resolution

203 dpi (8 dots per mm)

No. of Columns

Star Mode = 40, ESC/POS™ Font A 42 Font B 64

Font Size

12 x 24

Character Set

ANK 95, 32 Int 128 Graphic plus Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese

International Code Pages

Star Mode=40. ESC/POS™= 10 + 1 blank allowing an additional character page to be added

Bar Codes

Extended barcode functionality - 9 versions / PDF 417, Maxicode Option

Line Spacing

3 mm or 4 mm or programmable

Paper Specifications

Roll Diameter
Paper Out Sensor
Paper Low Sensor
Maximum Print Width

80mm standard, 58mm with paper guide

0.053 ~ 0.085 mm
Up to 83 mm
"Drop-In & Print"
80mm paper = 72mm, 58mm paper = 50.8mm

Top Margin

TSP100ECO: 3mm deafult
TSP100III & TSPGT: 11mm default

Auto Cutter

Guillotine (Partial Cut Only)

Cover Open Sensor


Logo Store Capacity


Multiple Copy Support

Supported through futurePRNT Software

Journal Capability

Supported through futurePRNT Software

Label Support


Power Supply

Internal with power cable supplied (not available on the TSP100PUSB; requires optional PS60A external power supply only when using standard Full Speed 2.0 USB cable)

Drivers Available

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows® XP 32 Bit, Vista 32/64 Bit, Windows 7 32/64 Bit, Server 2008 32/64 Bit, XP Embedded POSReady2009, OPOS™, JavaPOS™, USB Vendor Class, CUPS, Mac, Mac OS X, Linux™, StarPRNT SDK with support for iOS and Android

Digitally Signed (WHQL)

TSP100ECO & TSP100III: Yes
TSP100GT: No

Swappable Interfaces



Virtual Serial Port to USB
USB 2.0, Full Speed with cable supplied
Supported through futurePRNT Software

TSP100IIILAN - Ethernet (10/100BaseT,UTP) with cable supplied
Virtual Serial Port to USB - Supported through futurePRNT Software (TSP100, TSP100USB, TSP100LAN)
Virtual Serial Port to LAN - Supported through futurePRNT Software (TSP100LAN)

USB 2.0, Full Speed with cable supplied
Supported through futurePRNT Software

Emulation Modes

Star Mode, ESC/POS™
SDKs (Raster only)

Peripheral Drive Circuit  

2 circuits, (24V max. 1A), 1 Compulsion input

Power Consumption 

Average 1.6 Amp. Printing, 0.1 Amp. Standby

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 5ºC to 45ºC 
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH (without condensation)

Storage Conditions

Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC 
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH

Auto Cutter Models

Tear Bar Models

142 x 132 x 204 (w x h x d)mm

TSP143IIILAN - 1.73kg, TSP143IIIBi - 1.53kg, TSP143IIIW - 1.72kg
TSP143ECO - 1.73kg
TSP143GT - 1.76kg

TSP113GT - 1.59kg

Safety Standards

UL, C-UL, TüV, FCC, VCCI, EN55022, CE

Reliability MCBF
Print Head
Auto Cutter

60 Million Lines
TSP100III: 2 Million Cuts
TSP100ECO & TSP100GT: 1 Million Cuts

Accessories ALL Included with Printer

Wall Mount Bracket, 58mm Paper Guide, 6ft Interface Cable, 6ft Power Cable, Power Switch Cover, Easy Setup Guide, Installation CD with Drivers and futurePRNT Receipt Design Software, Auto Reverse Text Output Software
(Power Cable not included with PUSB versions)


TSP100ECO: 4 Year Full Warranty, 1-year Swap-A-Star Included free of charge (US)

TSP100III: 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (US & Canada)

TSP100GT: 4 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty (US & Canada) (first year Swap-A-Star included)


Splash Proof Cover (SPC-T100)
Display Stand for Vertical Use (VS-T650)
Kitchen Buzzer (BU01-24-A)
Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US)
Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US and Canada)


WiFi Power Pack

The Wifi Power Pack is designed to make any Star LAN interface printer "wireless". Powered by the printer's cash drawer kick port, the WiFi Power pack avoids additional power outlet, eliminating the possibility of tangled cables. The WiFi Power Pack includes a DK-USB power module and a TP Link wireless router.

Part Number: 99250000

 WiFi Power Pack

Splash Proof Cover

The Splash Proof Cover helps to protect the TSP100 from liquid and airborne debris in harsh environments such as kitchens. It easily locks in place over the printer.
Part Number: 39591100


Vertical Stand

Use the specially designed Vertical Stand when utilizing the TSP100 in vertical orientation. The Vertical Stand provides a clean surface facing the customer, which also creates room for advertising.
Part Number: 39590530


Kitchen Buzzer / Ticket Alarm

The Kitchen Buzzer is designed to connect directly to the RJ11 port on the back of the printer. When a print job is sent to the TSP100, the buzzer will sound off. This is beneficial for high noise environments like kitchens to alert cooks that orders have been sent to them.
Part Number: 39594001

Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides full bumper-to-bumper coverage available for 3 years.

Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides next business day replacement coverage available for 3 years.

Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37963920 - 80mm (3.15") Thermal Paper Roll (12 pack)

Part NumberModelDescription
39464710TSP143IIIW GRY USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, WLAN (Wi-Fi), Gray, WPS easy connection, Internal Power Supply
39464810TSP143IIIW WT USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, WLAN (Wi-Fi), White, WPS easy connection, Internal Power Supply
39464910TSP143IIILAN GRY USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), Gray, Ethernet Cable, Internal Power Supply
39472010TSP143IIILAN WT USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), White, Ethernet Cable, Internal Power Supply
39472110TSP143IIIBI GRY USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows, Gray, Internal Power Supply
39472210TSP143IIIBI WT USTSP100III, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows, White, Internal Power Supply
39463510TSP143UGT BLK US Thermal, Friction, Cutter USB, Piano Black, Int UPS
39463410TSP143UGT WHT USThermal, Friction, Cutter USB, Ice White, Int UPS
39464011TSP143IIU GRY US TSP100 ECO, Thermal, Cutter, USB, Gray, Int PS
39464510TSP143IIU WHT USTSP100 ECO, Thermal, Cutter USB, White, Int PS
Paper and Supplies
37963920TRF80-D82-C12 12PK80mm (3.15") Thermal Paper Roll (12 pack)
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