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Specs at a Glance
  • Ultra High Speed: 37 Receipts Per Minute (180mm/sec)
  • Wide Paper Format: 4.4” (112mm)
  • Print Letter-Sized Documents on 4.4” Wide Roll Paper
  • Available with Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth Interface
  • Available with WebPRNT Ethernet Interface and WebPRNT Browser App
  • “Drop-In & Print” Paper Loading
  • Logo Store Utility for Coupons and Graphic Storage
  • Barcode Capabilities

Printer Description

This revolutionary wide-format POS printer provides a solution to a number of applications where no POS printer was able to before. From compact web printing to mobile transportation printing as well as producing wide high-quality POS receipts with professional and crisp graphics, the TSP800II is the solution!

The TSP800II is the only printer on the market that provides printing on 3” to 4.4” wide paper at an amazing speed. It is the perfect printer for applications that need to print a large amount of information on a receipt. The TSP800II can also be purchased with a locking mechanism to secure any sensitive or costly roll of paper (See Model: TSP800Rx). 

Available with Apple MFi certified Bluetooth interface, Star's TSP800II BTi is the perfect solution for wireless wide format printing. In addition to use in an indoor setting, the TSP800II can be utilized inside vehicles to provide in-vehicle printing for niche applications such as delivery, service and law enforcement. Compatible with all Apple iDevices such as iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® as well as all Android and Windows devices, simply pair Star's TSP800II BTi to your device to begin printing.
Star's TSP800II WebPRNT offers another exciting option. WebPRNT technology allows users to print from their application to any Star WebPRNT enabled printer from any device (Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) regardless of its operating platform (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.). With WebPRNT support, the TSP800II WebPRNT allows the retailer or hospitality provider to print high-quality POS receipts with professional and crisp graphics from web-based applications. WebPRNT also eliminates the need to install drivers or download software. WebPRNT enables printing from any local device hosting a web-based or native application to any Star WebPRNT enabled printer. Simply use the appropriate XML tags or integrate commands from Star’s WebPRNT Javascript library into the web-based application being used to begin printing from that application to Star’s TSP800II WebPRNT thermal receipt printer. The TSP800II WebPRNT comes with a WebPRNT Ethernet interface.
In addition, TSP800II BTi includes the ability to print receipts or data from a web browser-based application running on a mobile device wirelessly by configuring Star's WebPRNT Browser. Once configured, the user simply pairs their mobile device to the TSP800II BTi, open the application on WebPRNT Browser and prints from the application. 
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Printer Method

Direct Line Thermal

Print Speed

37 Receipts Per Minute (180 mm/sec)

Printer Case Color

Putty or Gray

Model Available

TSP847 Includes Both Tear Bar and Auto Cutter

Print Resolution
(Vertical x Horizontal)

203 (8 dots per mm)

No. of Columns

104mm Max with A4 Reduction Facility

Font Size

12 x 24

Character Matrix

ANK, 12 x 24, IBM Graphic 12 x 32

Character Set

ANK 95, 32 Int 128 Graphic

Code Pages / Character Table

40 Code Pages, Katakana, IBM

Bar Codes

9 versions

Line Spacing

3 mm or 4 mm or programmable

Paper Specifications

Roll Diameter
Paper Out Sensor
Black Mark Sensor
Paper Low Sensor
Maximum Print Width

112mm standard, Adjustable 82.5mm, 80mm, 58mm with Paper Guide

.065 ~ 0.15 mm
Up to 100 mm
"Drop-In & Print"
104 mm Maximum

Top Margin

15 mm minimum default

External Paper Feed Support


Auto Cutter

Guillotine (Full or Partial Cut Selectable)

Cover Open Sensor


Flash ROM / SRAM

2 x 8 MBbit plus 2 x 1 Mbit Statis RAM

Multiple Copy Support

Supported through 2nd Copy Raster Driver

Journal Capability


Label Support

Yes; Black timing marks between labels required

Power Supply

External; Requires PS60A External Power Supply

Drivers Available

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows® XP 32 Bit, Vista 32/64 Bit, Windows 7 32/64 Bit, Server 2008 32/64 Bit, XP Embedded, POSReady 2009, OPOS™, JavaPOS™, USB Vendor Class, Linux™, Mac OS X, StarIO SDK with support for iOS and Android, and Scalable Raster Driver

Digitally Signed (WHQL)


Swappable Interfaces



WebPRNT Ethernet, WebPRNT Browser App, Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth, Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet

Emulation Modes

Star Mode, ESC/POS™

Peripheral Drive Circuit  

2 circuits, (24V max. 1A), 1 Compulsion input

Power Consumption 

Average 1.8 Amp. Printing, 0.1 Amp. Standby
Requires PS60A External Power Supply

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 5ºC to 45ºC 
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH (without condensation)

Storage Conditions

Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC 
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH


180 x 148 x 213 (w x h x d)mm
1.7 kg

Safety Standards

UL, C-UL, TüV, CB, FCC, VCCI, EN55022, CE

Reliability MCBF
Auto Cutter

37 Million Lines
2 Million Cuts

Included with Printer

User Manual, Start Up Paper Roll, Ferrite Core


3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (US and Canada)


External Power Supply (PS60A)
Kitchen Buzzer (BU01-24-A)
Vertical Stand (VS-T800)
Wall Mount Bracket (WB-T800)
Paper Guide (DIVIDER T800)
Swappable Interfaces
24V Mobile Power Supply
Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US)
Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US and Canada)


High Speed

Can print 37 six inch receipts per minute (180 mm/sec)

High Reliability

MCBF: 37 Million Lines
Guillotine Auto Cutter: 2 Million Cuts

Small Foot Print

Save precious counter space

Wide Area Printing

Replace large, bulky desktop printers with the compact TSP800II. Shrink any A4 document and print it on a 112 mm wide receipt

“Drop In & Print” Paper LoadingClamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading

Apple MFi certified Bluetooth Interface

Enables wireless printing via Apple MFi certified Bluetooth with support for iOS devices such as iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® in addition to Android and Windows devices

WebPRNT Ethernet InterfaceEnables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP Requests

Swappable Interface Connections

Future interface upgrades are fast and simple to do. With swappable interfaces, there’s no need to purchase a new printer just to upgrade the connection

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Use the printer in the orientation that suits you best

Rear Feed Slot

Use a larger paper roll mounted behind the printer by feeding it externally through the rear feed slot

Wall Mountable

Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall


Simple-to-Use Utilities

Available for download from website, free, easy to use

Zoom Raster Driver

Shrink A4 documents to print on 112 mm wide paper. Expand 80 mm receipts or documents to a larger, easier-to-read 112 mm

Automatic Second Copy Raster Driver

Automatically print a second copy of documents through the Raster Driver

Logo Utility

Store logos and other graphics for professional receipt branding

Memory Switch Utility

Fine-tune your print outs or print in different languages by enabling, changing, or disabling certain settings

Ethernet Interface Set Up Utility

Setting up and configuring an ethernet printer has never been more quick and easy!


WiFi Power Pack

The Wifi Power Pack is designed to make any Star LAN interface printer "wireless". Powered by the printer's cash drawer kick port, the WiFi Power pack avoids additional power outlet, eliminating the possibility of tangled cables. The WiFi Power Pack includes a DK-USB power module and a TP Link wireless router.

Part Number: 99250000

 WiFi Power Pack

External Power Supply

The PS60A is a compact power supply that can be set beside or behind the printer or easily hidden away underneath a counter.

Part Number:

Wall Mount Bracket

Save counter space by mounting the TSP800II on the wall using the Wall Mount Bracket. It installs easily on to the back of the printer.

Part Number: 39590110


Vertical Stand

To save counter space, mount the TSP800II vertically using the Vertical Stand.

Part Number: 39590500


Kitchen Buzzer / Ticket Alarm

The Kitchen Buzzer is designed to connect directly to the RJ11 port on the back of the printer. When a print job is sent to the TSP800II, the buzzer will sound off. This is beneficial for high noise environments like kitchens to alert cooks that orders have been sent to them.

Part Number: 39594001

Swappable Interfaces

Easily upgrade the connection type in the future without purchasing a new printer.

Interfaces Available:

RS232C Serial – IFBD-HD03
Part Number: 39607200

Parallel – IFBD-HC03
Part Number: 39607211

Part Number: 39607820

Ethernet – IFBD-HE07
Part Number: 39607802

Paper Guide

Install the Paper Guide to use smaller width receipt paper. The TSP800II Paper Guide enables users to adjust the width to print on 82.5mm, 80mm, or 58mm wide paper.

Part Number: 39590050 

Mobile Power Supply

The Mobile Power Supply allows users to put the TSP800II into vehicle applications like printing law enforcement tickets, truck tickets, and more. It converts 12VDC into the required 24VDC to power the printer.

Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides full bumper-to-bumper coverage available for 3 years.

Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty

The Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program provides next business day replacement coverage available for 3 years.

Paper and Supplies

Part Number: 37963930 - 110mm (4.3") Thermal Paper Roll

Part Number: 37995120 - 110 mm (4.3") Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 1" (1600 labels)

Part Number: 37995130 - 110 mm (4.3") Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 3" (600 Labels)

Part Number: 37995140 - 110 mm (4.3") x 152mm (6" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 4" labels (300 Labels)

Part Number: 37965220 - 110mm (4.3") x 100mm (3.9" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 4" labels with 24mm core I.D. (12 pack)

Part Number: 37965230 - 110mm (4.3") x 100mm (3.9" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 5" labels with 24mm core I.D. (12 pack)

Part Number Model Description
37965170 TSP847IIWebPRNT-24 GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter, WebPRNT Ethernet, Gray, Ext PS (not included)
39441510 TSP847IIBi-24 GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Gray, Ext PS (not included), Auto Connect ON
39441610 TSP847IIBi-24OF GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter, Bluetooth Android/ Windows, Gray, Ext PS (not included), Auto Connect OFF
39443800 TSP847IID-24 Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Serial, Putty, Ext PS (not included)
39443810 TSP847IID-24GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Serial, Grey, Ext PS (not included)
39443700 TSP847IIC-24 Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Parallel, Putty, Ext PS (not included)
39443710 TSP847IIC-24GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Parallel, Grey, Ext PS (not included)
39443901 TSP847IIU-24 Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, USB, Putty, Ext PS (not included)
39443911 TSP847IIU-24GRY Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, USB, Grey, Ext PS (not included)
37962120 TSP847IIL-24 Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Ethernet (LAN), Putty, Ext PS (not included)
37962130 TSP847IIL-24GRY Thermal, Friction,  Cutter/Tear Bar, Ethernet (LAN), Grey, Ext PS (not included)
39441590 TSP847IIBi-GRY RX-US Thermal, Friction, Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Gray, Ext PS Included, Auto Connect ON, Paper Lock
39441690 TSP847IIBiOF-GRY RX-US Thermal, Friction, Cutter, Bluetooth Android/ Windows, Gray, Ext PS Included, Auto Connect OFF, Paper Lock
39441590 TSP847CII-24 GRY RX-US Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Parallel, Grey, Ext PS Included, Paper Lock
37962290 TSP847DII-24 GRY RX-US Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Serial, Grey, Ext PS Included, Paper Lock
39441131 TSP847IIE3-24 GRY RX-US Thermal, Friction, Cutter/Tear Bar, Ethernet (LAN), Grey, Ext PS Included, Paper Lock
Paper and Supplies    
37963930 TRF110-D100-C24 12PK 110mm (4.3") Thermal Paper Roll
37995120 TRL110-L4/1-D100-C24 110 mm (4.3") Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 1" (1600 labels)
37995130 TRL110-L4/3-D100-C24 110 mm (4.3") Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 3" (600 Labels)
37995140 TRL110-L4/6-D100-C24 110 mm (4.3") x 152mm (6" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 6" labels (300 Labels)
37965220 TRL110-L4/4-D100-C24 Label 12PK 110mm (4.3") x 100mm (3.9" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 4" labels with 24mm core I.D. (12 pack)
37965230 TRL110-L4/5-D100-C24 Label 12PK 110mm (4.3") x 100mm (3.9" diameter) Thermal Label Roll, 4" x 5" labels with 24mm core I.D. (12 pack)
Service-Sheet.pdf1101.79 KBDownload
TSP800II_Product_Sheet.pdf379.61 KBDownload

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