Virtual Serial to USB / Ethernet

USB was created to increase the ease of installation, performance and use of hardware. One of the properties of this modern interface is that a driver must be present in order for the device to communicate with the computer and vice versa; there is no way to output data directly to a USB port.

However, many legacy POS software applications support output directly to a serial port and not through a driver, preventing users from having access to the conveniences of USB printers. Realizing this issue, Star Micronics developed an easy solution to provide compatibility between these two worlds without any modification to the original POS software.

Users who need to communicate print data via the direct to port approach are able to use the convenience of a Star Micronics USB printer by setting up a Virtual Serial Port in a matter of seconds. The Virtual Serial Port is assigned an available COM port to “listen” on and the software is configured to send all print jobs to that same port. The Star Micronics utility intercepts all the COM data, converts it to USB output, and sends it to the printer.

This utility is also available for Star Micronics Ethernet printers, allowing for longer cable runs, much faster data transfer and the printing of graphics such as logos, coupons or TrueType fonts.

Best of all, this software is complimentary and shipped on an Installation CD with most Star printers.

How to Connect

        Star Printer-Side (USB)                                                      Terminal-Side (USB)
     Star Printer-Side (LAN)                                                         Terminal-Side (LAN)
                                                                    Virtual Port Logic Flow

Why Use a Star Micronics USB or Ethernet Printer with a Virtual Port?

 Legacy software users can upgrade to new hardware without any software modifications
 Digitally Signed Drivers and Plug and Play functionality make installations self-automated
 Installation CD included in the box with most printers
 Lightning fast print speeds for both text and graphical data
 Couponing and receipt branding solutions available
 High reliability figures


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