futurePRNT Software

Star is very proud to present futurePRNT, an all-in-one driver, configuration utility, and support package designed to even further increase convenience and ease of use for TSP100 Printers!
futurePRNT revolutionized the "simple" POS Printer into a marketing and customer retention solution with innovative triggered couponing and now offers a way for your business to "go green" by saving on resources required to run TSP100 Printers! Installable in many different environments, futurePRNT offers full functionality for both 32- and 64-bit Operating Systems.
How can futurePRNT improve your business by requiring NO change to your current POS Software?
Professionally brand your receipts with logos, coupons, and a watermark without purchasing expensive pre-printed paper. futurePRNT enables you to easily jazz up a normal boring receipt, turning it into an eye capturing marketing tool.
Give your customers incentive to return by offering them coupons that interest them based on what they purchased using the innovative Text Trigger tool. A coupon can be triggered by the time of day, season, date, purchase amount… The promotion possibilities are endless! For more ideas, visit Star’s Text Triggering FAQ here.
Conserve receipt paper and money by using easy-to-configure paper reduction settings. Compress receipt size vertically, horizontally, or both. Enable Print On Demand to give customers the option to print their receipt or not. Configure the top margin to your needs (TSP100ECO only).
What else can futurePRNT do?

Reverse the receipt output for vertical orientation, ensuring operator comfort
Set up a Virtual Serial Port to support legacy software applications
Customize and Print Multiple Copies
Record a transaction log with the Electronic Journal
Easily configure OPOS and JavaPOS
Export all settings to the PC for backup or Import them across multiple TSP100 Printers
...and much more!

Best of all?
futurePRNT is complimentary from Star. This powerful software supports all Star TSP100 Series Printers.
To learn more, visit http://www.futurePRNT.com.


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