StarPRNT Intelligence Software

Star is very proud to present StarPRNT Intelligence, an all-in-one driver, configuration utility, and support package designed to even further increase convenience and ease of use for Star Printers!
StarPRNT comes preloaded with drivers and a large array of configuration setting options for the most popular Star Printers, providing a comfortable Graphical User Interface (GUI) to cut down installation and customization time even more. Installable in many different environments, StarPRNT offers full functionality for both 32- and 64-bit Operating Systems.

Benefits of StarPRNT Intelligence

 Provides an All-in-One Software Suite containing the Star Printer Driver, Configuration Utility, and Support Diagnostics

 Installs and Configures Star Printers very fast, simply, and headache-free

        - Automatic USB Installation with Digitally Signed (WHQL) Drivers
        - Easily assign an IP Address with Star’s Simple Ethernet Setup
        - Assign a COM or LPT port for legacy Serial and Parallel interfaces

 Streamlines adding, modifying, and deleting printers in the Windows Printer Queue without ever having to leave StarPRNT or use the Windows Control Panel

 Enables users to
very easily customize Star Printer settings and performance by a GUI with an explanation of each individual setting’s functionality

 Performs a variety of diagnostic tests in the Troubleshooting Section, making technical evaluation and support a breeze

exceptional OPOS support, allowing users to easily add a Printer and Cash Drawer device name in seconds

Empowers retail store and hospitality establishment branding by allowing users to name, import, and even customize multiple image types without having to use an external graphic editing utility

 Features the ability to
Export all StarPRNT settings to the PC as a backup or Import them to easily mirror the settings on all installed Star Printers

Download the StarPRNT Driver Suite here.


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