StarIO Printer SDK

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a package helping developers to easily integrate 3rd party products into their own software applications. Star’s SDK includes two crucial ways to quicken integration time: StarIO and Sample Code.
StarIO is a very powerful piece of software that sits between the printer and application. Its purpose is to reduce the programmer’s time and effort to send and receive data (status and print jobs) between the printer and its host.
Without StarIO, a programmer would need to spend hours of development time and write countless pages of code. StarIO provides the means to perform all the necessary functions without requiring extreme amounts of time. A key function is sending and receiving status; many software applications rely on printer status to report errors to the user like printer offline, paper out, cover open, and so on as well as confirming that a print job succeeded or failed. StarIO allows this to happen very easily.

The SDK also contains a sample receipt demonstrating how a developer can design the layout from start to finish using Star’s commands. The examples come right from the Programming Manual and include how to print a logo, format text, and much more. Each example can be simply copied and pasted right into the application. Additionally, each sample command also references its corresponding page number in the Programming Manual so the developer can understand how to customize it to meet his or her requirements.

StarIO is available in a variety of programming languages and environments including many flavors of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Blackberry®, iPad™, iPhone® and iPod Touch®.

Why should a developer use StarIO?

 Implement a full-featured Star Printer FAST

 Reduce time needed to learn how to program a Star Printer before adding it to the application
 Reduce the amount of code necessary to implement the printer
 Reduce development costs
 StarIO is complementary from Star… No charge, ever!

Explore Star’s SDK and Documentation here.


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