Printer Drivers

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All drivers and support for Star's new TUP500 kiosk printer*.

*The TUP500 driver page includes downloads for:

  • Windows Software Package Ver1.0
  • Status Monitor Ver1.0
  • JavaPOS for Linux
  • JavaPOS for Mac
  • CUPS driver and manual for Mac
  • CUPS driver and manual for Linux


Complete CDs can be downloaded here.

For: TSP100U, TSP100PUSB, TSP100GT, TSP100LAN, TSP700II, TSP650, TSP828L, SP700

Drivers for older models or those supplied without CD can be downloaded here.

For: TSP600, TSP700( V1),TSP800,TUP900,TSP1000,TSP400,TSP200 TSP2000, TSP550, TUP400, SP2000, SP300, UP389,SP200,DP8340,SP500

In addition.

“Special request” drivers and utilities can be found on our local download page here.

TSP100U Vista Support Driver package
Latest JavaPOS package
Latest OPOS Package
Legacy Printer Memory switch utilities ( TSP600, TSP700, TSP800 and TUP900)

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