The purpose of this page is to provide the maximum information to determine the printer's error and its solution.

The way our printers are diagnosed are through the Power and Error lights, They are called Error Indicators. The error and the power lights will blink at different intervals which will mean a different type of error. In order to troubleshoot the printer you need to identify the error.

Follow these steps:
  • Please select the Model of your printer from the menu. To select the printer model keep in mind that we have different names for the printer depending on its feature but still within the same family of printers.EX. We have TSP651 tear bar version and TSP654 cutter version, in this case you should chose TSP650
  • Try to solve the issue with the troubleshooting instructions.
  • In case the error does not clear out, please SUBMIT A TICKET to further assist you.

Note: Please don't submit a ticket without troubleshooting the printer first.