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Conversations with Retail Technology Leaders

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Star Micronics has been a leader in point of sale and customer experience technology for retail, hospitality, and more for over 40 years– and we started a podcast to prove it. Hosted by Brianna Moriarty, Star’s Partner Development Manager, the Rising
Stars podcast is chock full of conversations with retail technology leaders discussing topics like innovative startups, point of sale best practices, today’s leading technology, and emerging markets and trends. Join us as we take an informal, but deep dive into the solutions driving today’s business.

In this episode, Brianna Moriarty dives into the topic of digital marketing with James Korte, Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy at BlueStar. As the world continues to experience a digital transformation, James and Brianna discuss marketing do’s and don’ts for ISVs and VARs looking to succeed in today’s everchanging market. Click here to connect with...
In this episode, host Brianna Moriarty sits down to chat with guest Jon Levin, Director of Product Management at Star Micronics, about the number one mistake POS ISVs should avoid, top tips to enter a new market, characteristics of the most successful ISVs, emerging trends and what they mean for ISVs, and more. Click here...
Welcome to the Rising Stars podcast! Listen to our trailer to prepare yourself for everything to come.

About the Host:

Brianna Moriarty is the Partner Development Manager at Star Micronics where she works with channel-partners to grow their business and develop new markets. Brianna has a background in marketing and uses this to help VARs and ISVs to establish a go-to-market strategy and create co-marketing campaigns. She enjoys following the latest social media marketing trends and creating content for retailers and SMBs.