The mPOP is a staple for who Star is!

No more than 4 years ago, our cozy little POS world was experiencing an inconceivable shifting demand for mobile solutions, there was much in question, and certainly much to debate with the legacy world.  It drove many vendors like Star to either develop, adopt, or accommodate the growing mobile needs for end-users and solution providers.  There were times when we heard, “you’ll never see people printing from consumer devices long term!” “…tablets weren’t made for POS!” And at that time, the state and longevity of mPOS had caused significant controversy. Currently though, in 2015, there is no denying how mPOS affected the POS industry since. Vendors like Star were marching forward, listening to the pains and needs of our customers and partners.   We invested our time, people, and resources into what we knew was going to be HUGE.  Many were hesitant, but Star was valiant – taking on an exceedingly massive risk putting such resources into the ever-questionable mPOS wave, which (at the time), could have easily not made it to shore.


Our efforts since, have paid off enormously.  We formed an entire Integration Team, and dedicated that team to being able to support ISV’s who were completely new to the game, our industry, and working with POS and channel folks like Star.  Why was this so important? Well, Star became more than just “the printer people” for these new ISV’s, we became a resource – aligning them with the right partners in the industry to support, and help their businesses grow, many of whom have grown substantially since.  It’s all part of what Star does: being great listeners, teachers, but more notably, being the best partner a new ISV could have.


With the recent release of Star’s new all-in-one printer/cash-drawer combo, the mPOP – we’ve developed something that is the first of its kind – beautifully designed, and meticulously crafted; the mPOP is a product that boasts sleekness and a quality build, unlike anything our industry has ever seen.  Its glistening finish and unique design is truly Star innovation at its best.  Encompassing SMB and VSB markets, the mPOP is a low-cost, ideal fit for merchants looking to save counter space and money.  Its products like the mPOP that are a staple for who Star is, but more importantly, why Star does what they do.  In 2015, Star is more than a hardware provider, we are a technology solution provider – developing some of the most innovative products to hit the market in 20 years! We are truly, “Always Leading & Always Innovating”!

Pete Dicoio

Channel Partner Executive

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