WebPRNT vs. CloudPRNT: What’s the Difference?

When designing a POS, deciding which technologies to use is very important and sometimes difficult. Star is happy to help, and offers solutions for both web-based POS and cloud-based POS (WebPRNT and CloudPRNT).

One of the most common questions we get is, “How are WebPRNT and CloudPRNT different?” While both technologies enable online printing, there are many differences between the two, and specific use cases for each.

Below we’ll explore the basic differences between the two technologies, when software developers should use each, and which Star products feature these technologies. (If you have any further questions at any point, please contact us and a member of our team will assist you).

All About WebPRNT

To support customers using web-based POS applications, Star developed WebPRNT, which enables device-agnostic receipt printing technology that supports HTTP requests used in web-based applications.

Star’s first web printing solution, WebPRNT is a JavaScript-based SDK that prints locally on network from browse on device, and prints to the printer’s IP address. In addition to web-based applications, Star’s WebPRNT also supports HTTP requests from native applications.


  • WebPRNT SDK is JavaScript-based and is very familiar to web developers
  • Supports a wide variety of printers including Bluetooth printers by using WebPRNT Browser
  • Once initially coded, WebPRNT can run anywhere with a browser


  • Users must know the printer’s IP address
  • Need to set up an SSL certificate

WebPRNT is available on Star’s mC-Print3, mC-Print2, TSP654II, TSP743II, TSP847II, and SP742. Click here to learn more.

Exploring CloudPRNT

Star’s CloudPRNT technology enables users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service. The CloudPRNT printer retrieves and prints orders and data from any web-based POS system integrating Star’s communication protocol.

With the ability to print from the cloud or an on-site server, CloudPRNT also allows print management and job queuing to be managed from a central location. And because CloudPRNT printers pull orders from the server on a defined interval, there is no need to manage an SSL certificate on the printer.


  • CloudPRNT protocol is platform- and programming language-agnostic
  • The printer and the person initiating printing can be in different physical locations (remote printing)
  • REST-based architecture
  • No need to set up SSL certificates
  • All communication is done through one unified URL


  • Requires a reliable internet connection
  • Cannot print when network/internet is down

CloudPRNT is available on Star’s mC-Print3, mC-Print2, TSP654II, SP742, TSP743II, and TSP847II. It’s important to note that all current CloudPRNT-capable printers also support WebPRNT. Click here to learn more.

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