How do I print a self test for my printer?

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You can check the basic information and settings of your printer with the self-printing function. Make sure to set up the paper before performing self-printing.

Thermal Printers except for TSP100ECO:

1) While pressing the FEED button, turn the power on.
2) Take your hands off the FEED button when self-printing has started.
3) Once you have finished self-printing, remove the sheet that was printed.



Make sure that the computer is turned on and that the printer’s power cord is plugged into an AC outlet.
1) While holding the FEED button down, connect the USB cable to the computer.
2) After the printer starts printing, release your hand from the FEED button.
3) After self-printing is completed, the printer will star in the normal mode.


Dot Printers:

1) Turn the printer power while pressing the FEED switch.
2) The self Printing mode is entered by releasing the FEED switch after the buzzer sounds once.
3) Self-printing will be performed to print the Ver. No. and printer settings.


Portable Printers:

1) Turn the printer power by holding down the FEED button and the POWER button simultaneously for 5 seconds or more.
2) The printer will print the current printer status, including the firmware version, communication mode, and print settings.
3) The self-test will finish automatically. The printer will be ready to receive data after the self-test finishes.


Please refer to the user’s manual for details. The user’s manual is available from the Star Global Support Site.

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