How to Reset Star Bluetooth Printers

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How to reset the Bluetooth interface on desktop printers. This is normally used to reset the Bluetooth name back to factory settings but can also be used if a printing issue is being experienced.


Supported Printers: All desktop Bluetooth printers, mPOP

Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth


Turn the printer off.

Open the settings and select Bluetooth on the device. Next to the printer name click the blue I on IOS or the gear symbol if android and choose to forget the printer.


Turn off the iPad.


Press and hold the reset button (RST) located on the back of the printer.


While holding the RST button, turn on the printer.


Hold the RST button for 10 seconds after the printer is turned on and then let go. The lights on the front will be flashing. Wait for the power light to be solid and the error light to turn off.


Turn off the printer and perform a self-test. Make sure you get the 2nd page with Bluetooth information.


Perform a self-test:

  • Turning off the printer.
  • Hold down the FEED button.
  • While holding the FEED button, turn on the printer.
  • Release the FEED button while it starts to print.


Turn the iPad back on and pair it again.


Congratulations! Your Bluetooth interface is reset.


Video Tutorial


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