How to set up Wi-Fi dongle for Star CloudPRNT, WebPRNT, or AirPRNT

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How to set up a star wireless printer with a USB WI-FI dongle. This is only compatible with the IFBD-HI01x/02x


Supported Printers: TSP654II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700

Supported Interfaces: CloudPRNT, AirPRNT, and WebPRNT with a Wi-Fi dongle Supported Environments: Any OS

Devices Needed: Host device (Windows, Linux, Mac Computer, iPad/iPhone, Android device), Wi-Fi dongle we support


Setting Up Wi-Fi dongle

Connect the printer with Ethernet cable to the network and supported Wi-Fi dongle to the printer.

Perform self-test by pressing the FEED button while turning printer ON and hold until it prints.

Obtain the IP address of the printer from the bottom of the second page.


Enter the IP address of the printer into your web browser. It will take you to the Star Intelligent Network Utility page of the printer.


Click Login and enter Username and Password.

Username: root

Password: public


Select Wireless Connection (under Configuration Menu) and go to SITE SURVEY (to find wireless networks) and click ENTER.


After the required wireless network SSID is selected, enter the Security key (wifi password) to join the network.



Save (under Configuration Menu) and Execute. The saved settings will print.


Wait about 30 seconds and then power the printer off and disconnect the ethernet cable.


Perform a self-test again and there will be a new IP address under the wireless network section of the 2nd page or you can make sure on “Wireless Status” at the left side menu on the web utility as shown below.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up Star wireless printer!


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