Desktop Accessories


;mUnite 3 Accessories Page


;mUnitePOP Accessories Page

mUnite POP

;mUnite POS Accessories Page

mUnite POS

Part NumberModelDescription
37967810mUNITE-POP BLKStand, mPOP Series, Black
37967820mUNITE-POS BLKStand, TSP100III & TSP650II Series, Black
37967830mUNITE-3 BLKStand, mCP3 Series, Black
37968100mUNITE-3 WHTStand, mCP3 Series, White
37968150mUNITE-POP WHTStand, mPOP Series, White
37968180mUNITE-POS WHTStand, TSP100III & TSP650II Series, White
37968570mUNITE AUX DSPY MNT WHTStand, Auxiliary Display Mounting Bracket, White
37968560mUNITE AUX DSPY MNT BLKStand, Auxiliary Display Mounting Bracket, Black
37968420mUNITE B-PLATE WHTStand, Blank Branding Plate, White
37968410mUNITE B-PLATE BLKStand, Blank Branding Plate, Black


;1D BCR BLK Accessories Page

Black 1D Scanner

;1D BCR Wht Accessories Page

White 1D Scanner

;2D BCR BLK Accessories Page

Black 2D Scanner

Part NumberModelDescription
37966600DS9208BLK SCANNER WITH CABLE1D/2D Imager, USB, Black, Cable Included, mPOP Compatible
37966610DS9208WHT SCANNER WITH CABLE1D/2D IMAGER, USB, White, Cable Included, mPOP Compatible
39594100BCR-POP1 WHTmPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand, 1D, USB, White
39594110BCR-POP1 BLKmPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand, 1D, USB, Black

Customer Display

;Customer Display WHT Accessories Page

White Customer Display

;Customer Display BLK Accessories Page

Black Customer Display

Part NumberModelDescription
39990020SCD222U WHITECustomer Display, USB, White, LCD 2x20 Characters, mPOP Compatible
39990030SCD222U BLKCustomer Display, USB, Black, LCD 2x20 Characters, mPOP Compatible


mC-Sound;mC-Sound Accessories Page


mC-Sound;Buzzer Accessories Page


Part NumberModelDescription
39594002BU01-24-ATicket Alarm
39594010MCS10MC-Sounder, Programmable Buzzer and Visual Alarm for mC-Print

Splash Proof Covers

mC-Sound;TSP100 Splash Proof Accessories Page

TSP100III Splash Proof Cover

TSP700;TSP700 Splash Proof Accessories Page

TSP700II Splash Proof Cover

Part NumberModelDescription
39591100SPC-T100Splash Proof cover (TSP650, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100GT)
39570010SPLASH PROOF CVR SPC-T700Smoke Grey Splash Proof Cover for TSP700

Vertical Stands

;TSP650 VErtical Accessories Page

Vertical Stand

;TSP800 Vertical Accessories Page

Stand Bracket

Part NumberModelDescription
39590500VS-T800 VERT MT. BRACKETVertical Stand Kit (TSP800)
39590510VS-T700 VERTICAL STANDVertical Stand Kit (TSP700)
39590530VS-T650Vertical Stand Kit (TSP650, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100GT)
39590611VS-S700Vertical Stand Kit (SP700)

Wall Mount Brackets

;Wall Mount Accessories PAge

Wall Mount Bracket

Part NumberModelDescription
39590110WB-T800Wall Mount Bracket (TSP800)
39590211WB-S700Wall Mount Bracket (SP700)
39590700MOUNT KIT MK-F10Mounting Kit (under Counter) for FVP-10

Power Supplies

;Power Supply Accessories Page

Power Supply

Part NumberModelDescription
37995310AUTOMOTIVE 24V PWR ADAPT (ST2425-626)Automotive Adapter 12v to 24v cigarette lighter TSP, FVP series except TSP100



Portable Accessories

Belt Clips

;Belt Clip Accessories Page

Belt Clip

Part NumberModelDescription
30950242BELT CLIP L200BELT CLIP L200
30943680BELT CLIP T3 T4Star Micronics Belt Clip for mobile printer SM-T300/T400

Shoulder Strap

;Shoulder Strap Accessories PAge

Shoulder Strap

Part NumberModelDescription
39599020SHOULDER STRAP T300Shoulder Strap for SM-T300

Extra Batteries

;Extra Battery Accessories Page

Extra Batteries

Part NumberModelDescription
39569112BATTERY PACK S2SM-S230, SM-S220, Battery
39569132BATTERY PACK T3Battery Pack for SM-T300
39569472BATTERY PACK L2SM-L200, Battery
39569500BATTERY PACK L3SM-L300, Battery
39569350BATTERY PACK T4Single battery pack for SM-T400i

Power Accessories

;4P Extra Charger Accessories Page

4 Port Battery Charger

;Mobile Power Supply Accessories Page

Mobile Power Supply

;Extra Battery Accessoires Page

Extra Battery Charger

Part NumberModelDescription
39569360CAR CHARGER SM-S/T V2Car charger for SM-S200, S220i, S230i, T300, T300i and T400i i
39569141BATTERY HOLDER S2Battery charger (1 bay cradle) for SM-S200, S220i and S230i
39569160BATTERY HOLDER T3Battery charger (1 bay cradle) for SM-T300
395691714P CHARGER S2 USBattery charger (4 bay cradle) for SM-S200, S220i and S230i Includes Power Supply
395691914P CHARGER T3 US4 bay battery charger for SM-T300
39569410BATTERY HOLDER T4Battery charger (1 bay cradle) for SM-T400i
39569430BATTERY CHARGER S S23 USBattery Charger for SM-S200, S220i, S230i, T300, T300i and T400i
39569480CHARGING CRADLE L2SM-L200, Printer Cradle, Works with micro USB cable supplied with SM-L200
39569490CHARGING CRADLE L3SM-L300 Printer Cradle Works with micro USB cable supplied with SM-L300
39593060USB CABLE 1.0M SM-SSM-S230, USB Cable, 1 Meter (Standard USB-A to mini USB)
395693704P CHARGER T4 US4 bay battery charger for SM-T400



Cash Drawer Accessories


;Till Accessories Page

5Bill-5Coin Till

Part NumberModelDescription
37964520TILL SMD2-1317 4B4CCash Drawer, SMD2-1317 4Bill/4Coin Money Tray Insert
37964530TILL SMD2-1617 5B5CCash Drawer, SMD2-1617 5Bill/5Coin Money Tray Insert
37965120TILL-3B5C WITH RIGHT COIN STORAGE SMD2-1317Till 3 bill 5 coin + roll section for SMD2-1317
37965130TILL-4B5C WITH RIGHT COIN STORAGE SMD2-16174B5C Canadian till with Right Coin Roll section for SMD2-1617
37965610TILL CD3-1313 3B5CCash Drawer, CD3-1313 3Bill/5Coin Money Tray Insert for Canada
37965620TILL CD3-1313 4B5CCash Drawer, CD3-1313 4Bill/5Coin Money Tray Insert
37965630TILL CD3-1616 4B8CCash Drawer, CD3-1616 4Bill/8Coin Money Tray Insert for Canada
37965640TILL CD3-1616 5B8CCash Drawer, CD3-1616 5Bill/8Coin Money Tray Insert

Till Covers

;Locking Cover Accessories Page

Locking Till Cover

Part NumberModelDescription
37964550LOCKING TILL COVER SMD2-1317Cash Drawer, SMD2-1317 Locking Money Tray Cover
37964560LOCKING TILL COVER SMD2-1617Cash Drawer, SMD2-1617 Locking Money Tray Cover
37966410LOCKING TILL COVER CD3-1313Cash Drawer, CD3-1313 Locking Money Tray Cover
37966420LOCKING TILL COVER CD3-1616Cash Drawer, CD3-1616 Locking Money Tray Cover

"Y" Cables

;Y Cable Accessories Page

"Y" Cable

Part NumberModelDescription
37964350S1YE1Y-72 BLACK CABLE SMD2 & CD3Cash Drawer, Cable, Connect Star Cash Drawer to Star Printer, 72inch, Black
37965720S1YE1Y-71 White Cable CD3 & SMD2Cash Drawer, Cable, Connect Star Cash Drawer to Star Printer, 72inch, White

Under Counter Mounts

;Under Counter Mount Accessories PAge

Under Counter Mount

Part NumberModelDescription
37964490UNDER-COUNTER MOUNTING BRACKET SMD2-1317Cash Drawer, SMD2-1317 Under Counter Bracket Kit
37964500UNDER-COUNTER MOUNTING BRACKET SMD2-1617Cash Drawer, SMD2-1617 Under Counter Bracket Kit
37965670UNDER-COUNTER MOUNTING BRACKET CD3-1616Cash Drawer, CD3-1616 Under Counter Bracket Kit
37965890UNDER-COUNTER MOUNTING BRACKET CD3-1313Under counter bracket kit for Star Cash drawer CD3-13x13



Kiosk Accessories


;Bezel Accessories PAge


Part NumberModelDescription
37963490BZ-SK-1 BEZEL"Bezel Paper Detector" BZ-SK-1 = With paper sensor, no separator. Other models: BZ-SK-2 = With paper sensor a 2 separators, BZ-SK-3 = Without paper sensor and no separator
37965520LB-SK1-1BR LED BEZELSK1, LED Bezel, Blue/Red, Requires SK1 Type II Printer
37967920LB-SK1-1GR LED BEZELSK1, LED Bezel, Green/Red, Requires SK1 Type II Printer

Paper Holders

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;HL3 Accessories Page


Part NumberModelDescription
37963730HL2 SK1 Large Paper Roll HolderAdjustable External Large Paper Roll Holder for SK1-21/31 Series
39590301RHU-T500Paper Roll Holder Large Capacity (TUP500)
39590310NEU-T500Near End Paper Sensor (TUP/TMP500)


;PR1 Accessories Page


Part NumberModelDescription
39591200SNOUT T500Snout for TUP500 Series

Power Supplies



Part NumberModelDescription
37963360CB-SK1-D3 POWER CABLESK1, Power cable adapter to PS-60 power supply