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Star Micronics has developed multiple printers that are ideal for the highly demanding retail banking and credit union markets. We are the leading provider in the United States for credit union transaction printers and are also the transaction printer provider for one of the top five Canadian financial institutions.


Technology is all around us, but to be appreciated, it needs to bring ease into our life. Star’s thermal teller printers do not require maintenance or consumables. Simply put, depending on the traffic of your retail bank or credit union, you will need to change your paper (and only paper) once or twice a week on Star's bank teller transaction receipt printers with our full line of Genuine Star Receipt Paper. No other foreseeable maintenance will be necessary on these banking printers for 10 to 20 years. Also, tellers can really benefit from the capability of the printers to print banking transaction receipts with logos, bar codes and also be able to add coupons or rebate certificates while decreasing customer wait time. Two-color thermal printing capability makes it ideal for corporate branding, highlighting specials, coupons, customer loyalty and finance transaction applications.

Our global operations, coupled with our vast experience in a variety of industries, have enabled Star Micronics to provide the financial services industry with the best value products available. Star long ago realized the the specificity of this market and adapted our products to it. Star popularized the use of direct thermal credit union receipt printers making thermal printing the “worry free” technology at the teller station. We offer the latest banking hardware technology along with support for the newest software platforms.

The TSP100III is our faster, easier, and better solution for receipt printing. This printing provides a great solution for banks and credit unions due to its versatility in interface connection, high-speed printing, and small footprint.

The TSP700II and TSP800II thermal printers are two of the fastest products on the market. Each can print up to 6 inches of bank receipt transaction information in less than 2 seconds. These ultra fast and quiet products allow financial institutions to provide the best service in record time. With bank and credit union counter space at a premium, Star Micronics has developed bank printers with small footprints in mind, ideal for teller receipt printing. These printers are smaller than a shoe box and can print up to 500 bank transaction receipts before any additional paper roll is needed.

The FVP-10 offers extra space savings for counters by "piggy-backing" hardware and under-the-counter printer moutning. The top platform cover of the printer can also support up to 7 pounds for placement of additional hardware, such as check scanners and PIN pads, should the printer be placed on a teller station countertop. Front media dispensing, ultra-fast 250mm/sec print speeds, and the ability to communicate voice and sound messages to the customer are just a few of the many benefits offered by the FVP-10 printer.

;Check Scanners

The HSP7643 multi-function printer has the all-inclusive features of check endorsement, check and form validation, MICR reading, and thermal receipt printing at a high-speed of 250mm/sec. Star's renowned quality and reliability are matched with competitive pricing and delivery for a "banked on" and "highly-credited" value-added solution for printing requirements within banking industry teller stations.

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