EMR Prescription Printing

Star Micronics TSP800RX is a secured prescription printer with "tamper-resistant" features for printing e-prescribing and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) tamper-resistant prescriptions for the medical professionals in the Healthcare Industry.


Theft deterrent features of a locking paper chamber, lock slot for cable harness, and disabled paper feed button provide printing security for the prescription paper roll, printer, and permit only a printed prescription to be emitted from the printer. Secure printing is standardized on the TSP800Rx locking printer by employing accepted industry printer drivers: Windows, MAC (IOS), and Linux (CUPS).

Star’s secured printing solution answered the demand and request from the Healthcare Industry for protected efficiency of the prescription writing process, utilizing Electronic Medical Records  (EMR) Software. Star has also solved the issue of hard to decipher handwritten prescriptions versus legible printer prescription resolution by creating a printer that is compatible with specialized state specific secured thermal prescription paper. Costly laser printer necessities such as ink cartridges, toner, and developer are eliminated with direct thermal printing technology. Print one prescription at a time, preventing waste of unprinted letter-sized prescription paper. Just print, sign, and present to the patient. Every Star secure printer is equipped with a guillotine paper auto-cutter for a clean cut prescription.

For pharmacies, the TSP800Rx is ideal for printing electronic prescriptions at the counter. The pharmacy provides a printed record of the electronic prescription in the exact format a handwritten prescription would be personally received.

The TSP800Rx is compliant with recent Federal Medicaid Regulations of tamper-proof prescriptions and is certified for prescription printing in many states. Check with the Enforcement Bureau Drug Control Unit of your state for more information

**Download the TSP800 Rx Configuration Utility



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