• High Quality Sound (89dB)
  • 16 Pre-Recorded Melodies Available
  • Records Custom User Speech
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android SDKs, and Sound Converter Tool is Available for Integration
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mC-Sound Description

A reliable, modern, and customizable method of alerting kitchen staff to incoming orders
The mC-Sound Kitchen Sounder can be easily installed into the mC-Print3 kitchen and receipt printer, and is designed to further enhance the printer’s functionality by offering an ideal way to alert staff of incoming orders, even in the busiest, high-decibel kitchen environments.

The sounder provides a high level of information, including order type, order source, and order urgency level. The distinguished sounds allow kitchen staff to instantly understand what is being ordered, if it is coming from in-house or a specific online ordering application, and what priority it is. Users can choose from a variety of sound types and volumes, and ISVs can assign individual sounds to different order types and playback sounds sent from a host device.

Capable of more customization than ever before, the mC-Sound comes pre-loaded with 16 sounds, and also allows for users to upload or record their own custom message.

The next-level sounder is complete with a blue LED which illuminates during sound playback for an added visual notification, yet it features an unobtrusive design that blends in with the printer when not in use. The mC-Sound easily fastens on the outer surface of the printer, but can also be hidden within the printer itself for a smaller footprint without sacrificing sound quality.

The mC-Sound requires no setup if integrated with a software application. This makes the setup process very easy for end users, and reduces software product support calls, saving time and money for all involved parties.

mC-Sound Specifications

Model Number    MCS10
Color    Black
Dimensions    (W) 44mm x (D) 44mm x (H) 21mm
Sound Pressure  

Installed on top of printer: Maximum approx. 89dB

Installed inside on back of printer: Maximum approx. 88dB

Measurement distance: 10cm

*The sound pressure and sound quality may vary depending on the measurement environment and playback sound.*

Registered Sounds  

16 sounds


DK port (cable is about 30cm)

Hardware Features and Benefits - mC-Sound

Delivers Detailed Information   Reduces Kitchen Miscommunication Errors
16 Pre-Recorded Melodies Available   Out-of-the-Box Solution
Records Custom User Speech    Can Accommodate Any Kitchen’s Needs
Multiple Sounds   Able to Produce Multiple Sounds Depending on the Print Job
Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android SDKs / Sound Converter Tool is Available for Integration   Easy to Use with Today’s Most Popular Devices and Applications


Models - mC-Sound

Part NumberModelDescription
39594010MCS10MC-Sounder, Programmable Buzzer and Visual Alarm for mC-Print

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