mPOS - Mobile Point of Sale

ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale) Systems Evolve and Expand with the Integration of mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) Hardware and Software Applications.

ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems used in modern retail applications are typically made up of stationary hardware (cash drawers, receipt printers and transaction screens) and specialized retailing software (a computer program that processes your sale). To coincide with the continued evolution of this Point of Sale hardware and software and the expanded amenities they can offer customers, the actual POS location is now being referred to as a Point of Service. This focus on improving the customer experience through personal engagement and service-oriented interaction by retailers has led to the growth of what is know as mPOS or Mobile Point of Sale retailing.

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Today, mPOS or Mobile Point of Sale hardware and technology, when used together, create flexible and efficient payment, coupon and rewards systems that provide both merchants and consumers with numerous advantages when used alone or in conjunction with traditional, stationary, retail ePOS systems.

Using smartphones and tablets along with mPOS payment card readers and compact, wired and wireless, portable receipt printers, payments can now be made in varying locations, in-store or virtually anywhere that a data connection is available, even outdoors. With mPOS payment and receipt systems, the benefits to both merchants and customers include speeding up the payment process during check-out as well as improving the handling of customer returns, relieving long lines during both processes (referred to as queue or line busting) and enabling cashiers to go beyond their normal stationary register duties as they now become sales associates that can provide on the spot merchandise and inventory assistance.

In addition to the expanded customer service, payment and return process benefits derived from the portable mPOS smartphone and tablet solutions, compact mPOS wired and wireless receipt printers, while used in the aforementioned processes, also provide an extra value to both merchants and consumers as surveys, coupons and promotions can instantly be offered right on the receipt, along with the payment transaction details.

Besides being an essential part of mPOS systems currently being deployed in hospitality and retail, compact and portable mPOS receipt printers also bring mobile transactions to on the road” work flows, such as route sales transactions, independent contractor and utility billing.

Star Micronics, the leader in mPOS wired and wireless receipt printers for mobile Point of Sales, has developed mPOS printer solutions that provide the simplest integration with Apple iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows mobile devices. Available as desktop receipt printers, portable receipt printers, impact kitchen printers, label printers, wide format printers, secure wireless cash management solutions, Star's mPOS printer solutions, in conjunction with Star's SDKs, web-based software, interfaces and drivers, quickly and easily integrate into any mPOS mobile Point of Sale system.

Star provides a wide choice of Mobile mPOS receipt printers that are available with Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. Among Star's top selling mPOS solutions and receipt printers are:

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