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Retail Customer Engagement Solutions

Give shoppers the experience they crave

Shopping has changed, and continues to change. Today’s consumers want to be engaged through personalized, omnichannel experiences. But what does that mean, and how can you offer those experiences to them? Luckily, successful customer engagement solutions are closer than you think when you choose Star Micronics as a part of your point of sale (POS) solution.
Star Micronics can help retailers engage with their customers through a suite of value-added cloud services, industry-leading software partnerships, and more. It’s never been easier to get the word out about your sales, events, loyalty programs, and more – all while making your shoppers feel valued and understood.

Star Micronics Cloud Services Intro

In this video, discover the portfolio of Star Micronics Cloud Services, including AllReceipts digital receipts, PromoPRNT receipt marketing, and more.
Star Micronics & Retail Customer Engagement

Receipt Marketing
Create custom promotions that print directly on receipts with PromoPRNT receipt marketing tool.
Digital Receipts
Star Micronics offers a free digital receipt storage and management mobile application, AllReceipts.
Customer Survey
Instantly offer surveys to shoppers when they claim digital receipts and gain valuable real-time feedback.
Loyalty Programs
It’s a piece of cake to market your loyalty program to shoppers where they see it – on the receipt.

Social Media
Inform shoppers to follow you on social media so they stay informed when they’re not in the store.
Special Events
The best place to call out your upcoming event? On your receipt, where shoppers are sure to look.
Why Star?
The solutions and support you need to get your customer’s attention, your way


  • Valuable Partnerships: Star Micronics is proud to partner with the industry’s best POS software companies. Incorporating Star’s customer engagement solutions into your POS of choice is easier than ever.

  • Dedicated Support: If at any point you need assistance, you can rest assured knowing Star Micronics has dedicated technical support and integration teams.

  • Flexible Solutions: When you choose Star Micronics, one size does not fit all. Our customer engagement solutions are easily customizable to fit your particular business use case and target your customers in a way that makes sense.

  • Easy to Use: Star Micronics Cloud Services dashboards and tools are intuitive and easy to use for retailers and shoppers alike.

Retail Customer Engagement Features
Engage. Retain. Profit!

Increase Sales:

Drive sales – even on traditionally slow

days – by promoting them on receipts

Customize Your Messaging:

With PromoPRNT, promote your message

your way and on the days and times you want

Increase Customer Acquisition:

Make it easy and straightforward to onboard customers to loyalty programs and more
Boost Customer Retention:

Keep your shoppers coming back for more by letting them know about upcoming sales, events, and more
Higher ROI:

Customer engagement using your POS printer costs just fractions of a penny per promotion

Engage and entice customers by simply using a Star printer! With PromoPRNT, businesses can create custom promotions from templates that print directly on the bottom of the receipt. Promotions can focus on special sales or events, or be used to onboard shoppers to loyalty programs, social media accounts, and more.

With the cloud-based AllReceipts digital receipt app, shoppers can save copies of their mobile receipts on their preferred mobile device anonymously, and for free. Unlike other digital receipt apps, no email address is required to store and manage receipts, and AllReceipts also allows users to organize receipts by date or retailer.


The instant Customer Survey is a cloud service offered to retailers and service providers using Star Micronics' hardware products. Customer Survey is used in conjunction with the AllReceipts app, which enables customers to complete a survey while claiming their digital receipt (available on iOS and Android).

Highlighted Products
Star’s customer engagement solutions are available on your favorite printers.
  • 2” thermal printer
  • Easy setup
  • Guillotine auto-cutter
  • Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, LAN, CloudPRNT
  • Printer - cash drawer - scanner - device stand
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • 3" thermal printer
  • Simple user experience
  • Easy to integrate
  • Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, LAN, CloudPRNT

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